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A simple, delicate and modern theme
This topic is Ruipeng Zhang Hexo theme of Icarus Type Cho migration version of.


 Icarus Preview


  1. Get this topic from GitHub.

    The access ways are as follows:

  2. Unzip this topic zip to the usr/themes/icarus/ Directory.

  3. Go to the Typecho console - site appearance - available skins page to enable Icarus themes.

Update upgrade

  1. repeat install Step 1 and step 2.
  2. Go to Typecho console - website appearance - set appearance page (if there is a prompt for setting item update), click according to the prompt Save settings Button to apply the new version of the settings item.


Bulma based appearance

This topic uses flexbox based Bulma CSS framework Provide its appearance.

Common widget support

Widgets in this topic refer to the widgets in the sidebar. Widget support includes:

  • Profile: display includes avatar, nickname, social network link, blog information, etc.
  • Archive: list links to archive pages by month.
  • Links: used to place some links.
  • Categories / latest articles / Tags: lists the latest articles / categories / tags of the site.
  • The article (TOC) page is displayed only.

Widget free layout

What the sidebar widget displays, the order in which it is displayed, and the left and right positions can be freely set to adjust the overall appearance of the site. The three common settings for each widget are described as follows:

  • switch : determine whether the widget is displayed by setting the switch.
  • order : determines the order of widgets by the size of the order value.
  • position : allows you to specify whether the widget is displayed in the left or right columns.

Single column / double column / three column switch

The theme defaults to a three column layout. To switch to double columns, you need to close or move the widget on one side to the other in settings. To switch to a single column, you need to close all widgets.

The sidebar of home page / article page is set independently

Through the setting in the home page, the article page respectively hide What kind of widget can you set different sidebar layouts for the front page and the article page.

multi-language support

Only Chinese is supported for the time being. English translation support will be added.

Responsive layout

It has good display effect in mobile phone, tablet and desktop.

External function support

The following features are supported through open source components.

  • Highlight Code: highlight.js Provide support. You can specify the style theme used for code highlighting in the settings.
  • Humanized time conversion: Moment.js Provide support. The time when articles are published and when comments are published are converted into more readable expressions.
  • Picture display Optimization: lightgallery Provide photo light box display support. Justified Gallery Provide atlas display support.
  • Mathematical formula rendering: Mathjax Provide support.

Perfect theme setting page

There are many setting items in this topic. The setting page is divided by function, and corresponding description is provided. You can click the directory on the right to jump to the specified setting item.

The backup function of theme settings is provided to avoid the loss of setting items caused by switching themes.

Optional topic resource CDN

Topics provide the following optional public CDNs

Public Library front end



Header / footers / navigation bar / comment area customization

  • User defined third-party comment system support (you need to fill in the call code of the third-party comment system).
  • The user-defined content of header, footers and head tags is supported.
  • The navigation bar, social icons and footers icons can be customized.