Privacy Policy

Hello, this is our privacy policy page, please take a few seconds to have a look.
  • First, we are not interested in your personal privacy, and we are too lazy to collect your privacy information;
  • Second, we will write cookies to your browser when some pages interact. You can refuse to accept them, but it's useless;
  • Third, in order to speed up the page loading, we will write the cache to your browser. You can also reject it, but it's useless;
  • Fourth, the site may introduce some third-party program code, such as statistical code, advertising code, these third-party privacy collection has nothing to do with this site;
  • Fifthly, it is convenient to inform after the comments on this website. You can leave the comment email address, IP and other information on this site. You can't see your email except the administrator;
  • Sixth, subscription push words, will only push the site's boutique content, will not push indiscriminately
  • If you mind
  • Hold on, please