The youth of innumerable learning dregs, lighting the lamp in the quilt and carrying in the textbook, now some people say that this is an opportunity to make a fortune

A lot of people think that Internet writers work hard at home all day long, just like programming ape to write code. In fact, it's not. Pintu Business Review learned that yueguan, luochengdong and Tang Xintian all have their own work or life, and writing is just the icing on the cake

Prepare for double 11: merchants receive training two months in advance, express industry grabs people with high salary

After the National Day golden week, double 11 is getting closer and closer. Xiaobian found that the choppers had already started to plan the double 11 order. Some people decided not to use Taobao before double 11 and save a month's money; Some people decided to work overtime until next month

Weekly short message of e-commerce

1. Netcom office: the app must authenticate the real identity of registered users, and the non-compliance will be rectified. According to the news on June 28, the state Internet Information Office issued the "Regulations on the management of mobile Internet application information service". National Internet Information Office

July 1 e-commerce Evening News

1. The first batch of new energy trucks of Jingdong have been put into operation in Beijing and Shanghai. According to the news on June 30, the first batch of new energy trucks of Jingdong have been put into operation in Beijing and Shanghai, which is also the first batch of environmental protection electric vehicles among large freight vehicles of domestic express industry. It is understood that

June 30 e-commerce Evening News

1. Alibaba and the Forbidden City have reached a strategic cooperation, and "Royal products" can also be bought in tmall. On June 29th, the Palace Museum and Alibaba announced that they have reached a strategic cooperation. According to the contents of the agreement, the two sides will be based on the palace museum tickets, cultural innovation, Publishing

Where? what are you doing?

I haven't updated the website for a long time. I see many people still come here. Thank you for your friends first. Here is about the situation of cloud falling. First of all, I'm glad that Yunluo finally became a father. On the 7th / 21st, my wife gave birth to a big fat boy, which

Why did not graduate from junior high school become entrepreneurial wolves, college graduates have become working dogs?

Recently, the author found a phenomenon by observing junior high school students: most of the students who didn't go to university did business in their hometown, while those who went to university worked hard in Beijing. The author's hometown is a small county under the root of the imperial city. Junior high school students can be divided into two groups

Once China Internet is very hot "stationmaster" where to go

During the peak period, there were 10000 people who signed up for the China Internet webmaster conference, but this year it was quiet. Lu Songsong, a well-known individual webmaster, said in his blog that the activities that had been held for nine times in a row were suspended this year, and the name of the activity was changed last year