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Picture bed
This is the interface strange domain name powerful free map bed, without registration can be used, looking at the speed is very fast
Kieng chart bed
It supports the uploading of JD, Ali, Netease and other public map beds, but it is recommended to use the atlas of e-commerce department
All kinds of picture bed
Cloud drop built its own Ali interface map bed, mainly using the interface provided by kieng map bed
GitHub accelerated Download
GitHub file acceleration
Open source application based on cloudflare workers, using CF to provide download, source open source
GitHub Download
GitHub, which has a clean interface, can also download files downloaded by others directly
GitHub link acceleration
Based on ucloud, speed up the code git cloud, and provide browser script
Design resources
Color Hex
Online color code query conversion, increase depth and gradient color, fast and practical
Solve the problem of color matching, automatically generate a variety of matching colors, the speed is OK, the color matching is still wide
All kinds of flat icon resources and Icon Font foreign websites, the focus is free, good-looking
file store file sharing
You can store temporary files
Free foreign offline download service
Quick pass of cow
Full of artistic sense based on qiniu short-term file storage network disk, no speed limit can be specified download rights
LAN Zuoyun
Domestic well-known free sharing network disk, no speed limit space is also OK, suitable for sharing small files
Cat cloud and bootstrap Chinese network maintenance front-end open source free CDN services, resources mainly from cdnjs
Jsdelivr front end CDN
World renowned front-end public CDN library, supporting domestic and foreign
Staticfile CDN
Qiniu cloud supports synchronous cdnjs front-end static CDNs, but it does not list all the lists, so users need to search by themselves
Jsdelivr CDN of cloud
The personal CDN files of cloud fall are mainly static files stored on GitHub
CDN in front of today's headlines
The advantage is that you can display code and file size
Laurie CDN
Support front-end JS, font and avatar
Picture resources
Using AI intelligent recognition image, and then online buckle map, cloud fall measurement effect is good
Cool Backgrounds
Provide beautiful image background, there are gradient, shape, picture and other five kinds of background map to choose from
Gifntext dynamic drawing
Powerful online production funny subtitle GIF map, no watermark, can be adjusted size, compression, free fun
Online image compression service, using browser local JavaScript to calculate compressed
Very easy to use flow chart production function, you can draw flow chart, mind map, organization chart and so on
Finish the clip
A domestic online map deduction service that is more inclined to e-commerce has been used in cloud computing, and I feel that it is quite good
Intelligent map
Tencent home picture online compression service, and client software can be used, the effect is OK
Common open source
The tool of basic abbreviation does not modify the style, but is mainly convenient for writing style
Provides a series of practical styles, suitable for just making a separate page
Simple operation cookie required
Lightweight CSS framework, simple and practical
Provide a series of pop-up solutions
API project
Chrome update
You can view the update of Chrome browser directly, which can be used as the API of the updater, and can also be downloaded directly
GitHub random head
Random display GitHub style bar code avatar, can be used as the default avatar, developers should need
Add a good-looking icon to your software project, support various icons and styles
Youqimeng supports and maintains the API interface project, which contains a lot of contents
Ido of YDR
Enter the connection to get the favicon icon of the website, which is relatively simple
Online practice of double spelling
Online practice double spelling typing, support common double spelling scheme, mobile terminal has small program to use
Get QQ Avatar
Get the head portrait directly according to QQ number
Document conversion
Support more than 200 kinds of format conversion, basically no can not be converted, foreign websites, but the speed is also OK
One stop online image processing website, support compression cutting, conversion format, water printing and other operations
Online editor
A picture online compression function, can compress PNG, JPG, GIF and other image formats, as well as paid items
You can run the front-end code online, share and save, and also find good code
Sb cipher generator
Sb blog provides online password generator, although it is in English, but does not hinder the use of
Developing resources
Commit information generation
When you submit the code, if you don't know what to say, you can check this website and he will give you an idea
Apply for free SSL website with good domestic experience and provide certificates of let's encrypt and TrustAsia
Nginx configuration generator
The existence of Niubi can help you configure the nginx configuration file online, or is the cloud service provided by do
PHP online formatting
The advantage is that you don't need to input the PHP file ID to directly format it. The rest is basically the same
A simple comment box can be built by introducing a piece of code directly on the web
Official documents of WordPress
If you want to involve WordPress theme development and plug-in development, you must check here
WP Settings API
You can customize WordPress development background online, suitable for simple background oh
WP document mirror
The image website of official documents of WordPress, like the official website, is mainly to visit faster, and the cloud has been used all the time
Liu MINGYE's tool collection
A lot of online tools, download music, movies and so on, a lot of useful
Random Password Generator
Very simple and practical online password generator