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Through the replacement call Baidu share link, you can quickly replace the reference link to realize the HTTPS Baidu share and one click replacement




Under Baidu [Baidu share HTTPS], you will get a lot of solutions to this problem. The core is the same: download the static files shared by Baidu and load them locally. This is a method. The bad thing is that you need to download the files yourself. If you use this solution for yourself, then there will be no problem, But it will not work if it is used as the main function, so Yunluo still wants a better solution.

In fact, this method is similar to the previous static file localization. However, on the contrary, my method is to make the file remote today, and change the domain name to the remote domain name, and then load the remote shared JS file directly.


If you need to use the HTTPS version of Baidu to share. Load the following files directly.

As shown in the figure


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