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Payjs is a sign free wechat payment provider that supports individual developers to use, providing a secure and stable personal wechat payment scheme




Payjs is a provider focusing on wechat payment solutions. In short, it can provide wechat visa free payment. Compared with any other visa free payment products on the market, his products are based on the official support of wechat, which is the payment function opened by using the small and micro businesses function of wechat, so it is a tested, regular and secure payment scheme. After the compilation of the case, I used this product, and then found that this product is very good, very suitable for us, so I'd like to drop by Amway today.

Premise of use


First of all, his product is paid to open, generally speaking, the opening fee is 300 yuan, if there are activities, it may be 200 yuan. Then it must be a formal, legal website can be used, some gray industry or marginal website, do not access this service. His family will require real name authentication such as ID card and ID card, and will do telephone authentication, as well as official voice verification of wechat, etc. His family is not the so-called "Erqing" service, but wechat directly calls to his own merchant account. You can use wechat official merchant applet to receive real-time collection information every day. In addition, his family does not control our funds, but controls our data, and charges according to the API calls of successful payment.

Charging mode


His charge is mainly three yuan. The first one is the opening fee just mentioned. The opening fee of an account is 300 yuan, and this is permanent and one-time.
The second is the wechat service charge, which is not actually collected by his family, but by the official wechat, which is 0.38%.
The third is the information service fee, which is the real main charge of his family. Of course, we can get free beans by inviting or checking in.



Rich community support


Payjs has rich community support, all kinds of languages and plug-ins can be used. Whether it is a forum or a blog, or a community website or a static website? In addition, there are ready-made packaged framework extensions and so on. There are also a lot of support for the interface, such as scan code payment, cash register payment, H5 payment, public number payment, applet payment, sweep face payment.

If you need WordPress points to recharge, you can try the cloud drop plug-in

Payjs for ponits: a wechat payment plug-in for WordPress credit recharge based on payjs

WordPress online payment plug-in developed based on payjs can add power to your website

Wechat support

After telephone consultation, payjs is taking the channel of wechat's small and micro businesses

It can be viewed through wechat official collection assistant and merchant platform

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27 replies to "payjs: a regular wechat payment scheme for individual developers"

  1. It has been solved before, but now I forget how to deal with it. Wechat payment is normal. After opening Alipay option, the generated QR code is abnormal, and there is no response to Alipay scanning code. Payjs website is open. After checking Alipay merchants, face-to-face payment basic version and collection code are also opened. It just doesn't work.

  2. Payjs is really strong. Now there are many such platforms on the Internet
    payjx That's one of them. You can baidu

  3. To configure the jsapi payment directory in payjs, fill in the domain name / WP content / themes / git alpha / modules / push.php
    Or domain name / WP content / themes / git alpha / modules/

  4. Although there is no wechat payment in front of Jianfu, it is still timely to arrive every day on weekdays, but there is no payment for two working days here, and there is no response from QQ customer service. Today, I got this payjs, but it's a little sad. After paying, I found that the domain name that was prompted to be put on record in his directory settings can be used.

      1. @ Clouds fall Yes, it can be used if you have just tried, but the points have arrived, but payjs's background log says "failed to notify repeatedly, please check whether the receiving address is normal", and the type of push.php is notify. When the configuration asynchronous notification address is not set, it is correct to get it in the log, but the error is still prompted in the front. I don't know the reason. I just filled in the push.php address. In addition, is the wechat cash withdrawn from the bank card once a day? It is still used in Shenzhen Development (now it is Ping'an) or Guangming New District of Shenzhen. I don't know if the city code is Bao'an, right :mrgreen:

          1. @ Clouds fall The website is a first level domain name, the content of the log error is unknown, but it does not affect the use. This payment is more convenient than the simple payment, and there is a less undertaking page in the middle. Jianfu has just withdrawn the cash from the previous few days. In front of it, the automatic withdrawal was started. Yesterday, the withdrawal on Sunday was fine, but it has not been handled this morning. Still can continue to use it, although QQ has not responded.

  5. Today, I experienced Jianfu, and Jianfu went to the website. There are still some problems. Now only Alipay is supported, and there is no wechat payment option. Then there is a QQ wallet, but when you scan the code with QQ, the parameter error will be prompted. After the payment is successful, the gold coin will arrive at the account immediately. Then, the manager's account number was used to recharge. Four emails were received, two times of recharge and two times of successful collection.

  6. I set the default gold coin status as normal. Why is it still pending after recharging? I have to manually set it to normal

  7. Can you write down the steps of the simple payment setting?

      1. @ Clouds fall I didn't notice the document migration. They have applied, but they don't have wechat payment.