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The new label of Firefox browser is a new function that integrates the collection and recommendation history. Recently, Yunluo found that fox will automatically block and filter out some adult websites





After checking the relevant articles, it turns out that the new label is a promotion project made by Fox, and some brands don't want their websites to be put together with some discordant website logos. The interception of relevant domain names by Fox is mainly the demand of Galaxy advertisers. In fact, this function can be turned off.


Those who are familiar with foxes often know that they are about:config Can be customized to modify many functions, open about:config search browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.filterAdult Yes, the default is true This is the function on state, double-click to switch to false This function can be turned off.

  • Well, the familiar icons are back~


Of course, if your computer is used by yourself, you can consider turning off this filter, but if your computer or browser is used by others, you should turn on this function honestly



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