Filegee: Amway's support for local Baidu disk and other synchronous backup tools

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Network file synchronization is basically a wonderful use of computer knowledge just need it, today's introduction of this filegee will synchronize this function to the extreme, focusing on the synchronization of this thing




Filegee is a synchronous backup software that supports multiple storage sources. The software is divided into personal free version and various value-added versions. We are talking about this free version. Let's take a look at its functions first

The software supports all kinds of public cloud, private cloud, server, third-party network disk storage and so on, supports multi-user, hot backup and so on


Don't worry about the purchase fee of this software. This software is free for personal version, and can be registered directly. The personal version can be synchronized with Baidu online disk. The overall style of the software looks a little old, a bit like office 2007, but fortunately, the synchronization software only needs silent synchronous backup, without any appearance.

Look at the picture, the real-time two-way synchronization of the cloud selection and Baidu network disk. After the computer deleted a folder, the software immediately synchronized

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