Payjs for ponits: a wechat payment plug-in for WordPress credit recharge based on payjs

» WordPress » Payjs for ponits: a wechat payment plug-in for WordPress credit recharge based on payjs

Based on payjs development of WordPress points recharge online payment plug-in, for your website to increase momentum

Payjs For Ponits:基于Payjs开发的WordPress积分充值微信支付插件-极客公园

Update notice: this plug-in was last updated on March 8, 2020, rewriting the previous code. It is strongly recommended to update


Introduction to payjs

Our life is framed in a familiar first screen icon. Unicorns and big traffic users are constantly competing in the industry track. They are the leading role of this era

However, there are still some people who have been insisting on personal developers, individual entrepreneurs, individual entrepreneurs, small companies and niche products, which are unknown because they are not rigid enough, lack of promotion, and have no thighs to hold. However, the products are attentive, fun and well-known. These people who bring a little surprise to the ordinary life are interpreting them in their own unique ways Even the world

We believe in their value and are willing to grow with them

Payjs aims to solve the payment needs of individuals, entrepreneurs, self-employed and other small and micro businesses who need to use transaction data stream, and help developers quickly transform their ideas into prototypes

Payjs is only responsible for information flow, and does not take over capital flow. There is no risk to the funds


Payjs For Ponits:基于Payjs开发的WordPress积分充值微信支付插件-极客公园

Interpretation of fees: the first is the opening fee of 300 yuan, which is permanent. It is paid after opening, but it is also recharged into beans after opening. The middle 0.38 is the wechat service charge, which no one can avoid. The key is the last one. The real payjs daily charge is here. The current rate is 2%, which seems to be relatively high, but actually it is not so high, Because first of all, fees will be charged only if the payment is successful. In addition, the daily check-in payjs will also send beans, and you can also invite new users to get beans, which is rarely used in daily life,


1. First of all Click to register payjs

2. Certified by audit

3. To install the plug-in, it is recommended to use FTP installation instead of WordPress background.

4. Input payjs merchant number and key into the background, and select a good gold exchange ratio.

5. Save settings, end.

Plug in description

This plug-in supports points recharge, points purchase, tourist payment, wechat payment, personal use, mobile phone code scanning, mobile phone screenshot payment

Plug in download

Paid content

Currently hidden content needs to be paid

800 gold coins

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    1. @ Hustle and bustle There is not a very powerful order recording function, which belongs to the flow record. It is not the statistical function that can automatically know which product post sold, how much money and how many transactions through the background.

  1. Would you like to pay to link the theme, is not in the background theme switch, update and then switch back on the line? I just finished this operation today. I don't know if there is any improvement in the security of the points. Some users in front of me will crack it. After recharging a little points, they can buy unlimited content of other paid pages later.

    1. @ Ali stage Update Description: after initially discovering the vulnerability of unlimited purchase in Git theme (found through the background purchase record), I have not been able to understand how to operate. Later, a little funny loophole exploiter sent me an email with a screenshot to explain it after wolf and wolf used it once. It was only after testing that they learned about the brain holes and how they were used. After feedback to Yunluo, Yunluo fixed the code at the end of the week. After modification, there is no longer the previous problem. In addition to the interface, it needs to be beautified. Individual plug-ins may need to wait for cloud drop to upgrade the version number

  2. In the next theme upgrade, can we use the time of the East eight district as the same as the system here? Since the coordinated universal time should be used at present, is this set to make the theme adapt to users in different time zones?

      1. @ Clouds fall Simply pay the full value, the integral is in the pending state, but it has to be manually adjusted to the accept state. Can the full value be automatically adjusted to the accept state?