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Through a simple browser, we can more quickly and easily access to the web page style code, more convenient for us to integrate into their own projects.

CSS Used:一款值得安利的提取CSS代码的浏览器插件-极客公园


Those who are familiar with Yunluo know that Yunluo also has a website focusing on the discovery and sharing of Google browser plug-ins. A few days ago, Yunluo found a very good plug-in. This plug-in can extract the style code of webpage DOM with one click.

Why plug-ins are needed

First of all, I'd like to talk about why we need this plug-in. As a residue of the previous paragraph, Yunluo has to admit that sometimes we borrow (copy) another person's style design. At this time, we need to extract the style code of the web page. However, the style code of the general web page is divided into many parts, such as in-line style, external style, internal style, and possibly computer style, Mobile phone style, in the style sheet, we need to manually exclude a useless style. After all, we only need the styles we use. If these are all manually used, it will be very energy consuming, so that you can discard this style. At this time, you need the CSS used plug-in.


After installing this plug-in, we also need to give him access to local files.
CSS Used:一款值得安利的提取CSS代码的浏览器插件-极客公园

Open a web page randomly, open F12, select a div, and then a CSS used tab will be added to the right panel of F12. Click this tab, and the style code corresponding to div will be automatically searched below. If the permission of local file is not selected, the permission will be prompted.

There are three buttons at the bottom of the text box, which are copy preview, send to, and the third button. We can click preview. If there is no problem, we can copy the style and use it in our own project.

Plug in download

Plug in download



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