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As a replacement of IE browser, Microsoft has high hopes for Microsoft edge. After testing windows 10 platform for more than two years, Microsoft recently launched Android and IOS platforms, which can be accessed by interested users Application mall Download experience.

[图]微软Edge浏览器上架Google Play商城-极客公园

After admitting that the current market share is difficult to shake the status of Android and IOS, Microsoft has moved into the competitive platform with a cooperative attitude, constantly migrating core products such as office, and incubating many new and interesting applications through the garage platform.

At present, the Microsoft edge browser landing on Android platform is still in the preview stage, so it may encounter bugs and various problems in the use process. Microsoft also actively invites test users to feedback these problems to the company, so as to improve and adjust them more quickly.

In addition, Microsoft also promised that the Android side of the edge browser will also contain rich functions such as continue on PC. Continue on PC tool can synchronize content between Android and windows 10 pcs, and users can surf the Internet seamlessly between devices.

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