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In this article, Yunluo will introduce a very good double open software. The difference is that this software is actually developed based on Android's native features, so there will be no danger of title in theory. Moreover, the author of this software is the work of Green Guardian author, with guaranteed quality.




What is Android for work

Android for work (hereinafter referred to as AFW) is a set of solutions developed by Google to support the application of Android in enterprises. This solution can support both work application and personal application on the same device.

Software principle


First of all, the software supports 5.0 or above, and those lower than this version can be washed and asleep. In addition, it is better to have the native system or similar to the native system like cm, because the domestic customized version system may emasculate this function.

After installing the software, you will be required to enter the working mode. If the function mode cannot be entered, it indicates that the system does not support AFW. If you can enter it, it also supports AFW. In addition, although this software is developed by Chinese people, it is all in English, but there are few English words, and they are relatively simple, so it does not hinder the use.

After entering the software, you will find that the software has already defaulted to two-way telephone, address book and file. In addition, the appellation of the size code in the software is more interesting. The mainland is the software installed in the system, and the island is the software that is double opened.

We can directly select a software in the mainland, such as wechat, and click it to find a plus sign. If you select, wechat will enter the installation mode, and it will be installed in a short time. This is installed in the island, and then we will find wechat in the island list. In addition, we also find small wechat in the desktop program list, which is not a desktop shortcut, It's a software. It's just that there's an orange handbag logo in the lower right corner of the software, indicating that this is a working software.

Since it is developed by the author of green guardian, this software also has built-in Green Guardian. What is the green guard used for? Very simple, this green guard green is the island software, after all, the mainland green guard can not green island software.

How to uninstall

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