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The use of the theme of this site and some solutions, to use the theme of some friends to see, if there are still problems, can leave a message, ace


Lazy statement

1. Any problems that have been solved or mentioned in this article will not be answered by any way. After all, if you are lazy, others can't help
2. This topic is developed under the Linux system environment, does not guarantee any compatibility problem under the windows system
3. The theme installation method is to install the theme after all plug-ins are disabled. If the active theme is blank, please disable the plug-in
4. This topic is free of charge and does not provide personalized modification. If you need to modify it, please pay to contact Yunluo
5. You can use Ctrl + F to search for your own questions
6. Please do not modify the theme name. The standard name of the topic is git alpha

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579 replies to "git theme official online usage document"

  1. Excuse me how to switch the editor, want to use the new edition of the editor to check a variety of methods can not get the amount

  2. The uploaded video can be played in the editing state, but it can't be inserted into the article. It's the same after it's published. I don't know if it's related to the theme

  3. How to modify the random feature map, put the same size picture into pic folder and name it in numerical order?

  4. Why are you always prompted to update the theme? Version 12.2 prompts you to update to 12.3. After updating, you still prompt to upgrade. After upgrading, there is no response. The prompt is still there

  5. There are many pictures can not be loaded out, do not know how to download the page and pop-up download

  6. Excuse me, after the gold coin purchase is set, click recharge cannot enter the recharge interface, how to set it? thank you

  7. The classification page uses card display to display 10 articles under this category. How to increase the display quantity? thank you

    1. @ No name The number of articles displayed is set in the background - reading. If you see where the 10 is, you can know how to modify it. If you want to display the card type image perfectly on both the computer and the mobile phone, the number should be a common multiple of 2 and 3.

  8. A single page download does not display a few words of file download, but a blue border is displayed, but you can jump to the download page by clicking it. How should it be broken?

  9. Hello moderator, about the problem of unable to create a new page, unable to select a template, your tutorial picture does not show, please update. thank you!

  10. How much is the document? How to buy? After I log in on wechat, I open the use document page to show that I am not logged in, so I can't view the purchase?

  11. Hello, I used my account to purchase git theme usage document before. Now I log in via wechat. Can I restore it