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Recently, the Tongxin operating system is quite popular on the Internet. In the past few nights, I saw a lot of news about Tongxin operating system. Then I downloaded it from the cloud and used it. Then I noticed some problems. By the way, I also recorded my views on the system.
First of all, cloud fall here to explain the conclusion is: good point like

1. What is the relationship between the unified information operating system and the deep operating system? Is it a skin change of the deep operating system?

From the public information, we can find that the deep company is already a subsidiary of Tongxin company, and if we look carefully, we can find that the general manager of the deep company has now become the general manager of the unified trust company. It is not so much the acquisition of the deep company that the deep company has been incorporated into the national team. Operating system development is a systematic project, so it is impossible for a new company to develop an operating system from scratch. Therefore, the operating system of Tongxin is actually developed based on the deep operating system. If you don't like the current unified information operating system, you can also use the previous deep operating system, which is the same, However, it can be said that the unified information operating system will certainly be better than the deep operation in various aspects of compatibility.

2. What are the versions of the unified information operating system?

From the official website, there are three versions of Tongxin operating system. The first one is the professional version of Tongxin operating system, then the personal version of Tongxin operating system, and then the community version of Tongxin operating system, which is the current deep system. In this regard, we should pay attention to the fact that the deep system itself is very well-known, and it has a certain popularity overseas, Therefore, the Tongxin operating system community has not changed its name, but still uses the deep system name.
Among the three versions, it is obvious that the professional version is provided to organizations such as the party, government and army, and the personal version can be used by individuals. The community board is similar to the personal version, but the authority is more and more free than the personal version. The professional version needs to be paid, and then the personal version has value-added services, and the community version is completely free.
There is a point to explain that the personal version does not have root permission. If you need root permission, you need to open developer permission. Developer permission needs to be registered. Then community version has root permission by default. It is not very friendly for many linux enthusiasts to have no root authority, but it is very important for individual users, because it is too dangerous for some people who are not familiar with computers to bring their own root permissions. It is easy to damage the computer or the system.

3. Is the personal version of the unified trust operating system paid?
A few days ago, I saw a person in the group and said, "the unified trust operating system is too boring. Even looking at a calendar costs money. Then I thought, this must be the title party, and it must be wrong. How can any system look at the calendar and open a file and charge? Then I looked at the official website of Tongxin operating system, which has an explanation, That is to say, for some cloud service file safes, some synchronization services need to be paid, and then we can not use these value-added services when we use them normally. Of course, if you like these services, you can also pay for them. The advantage of these services lies in the seamless integration of the system, which is much better and more stable than the third-party software.

Of course, if you don't really like the personal version of Tongxin operating system with value-added payment, you can also choose the deep system, which is completely free and has the root permission. First of all, we need to understand that the target users of Tongxin operating system are actually some normal computer users or small white users. You can't expect them to have too high skills and computer skills. In fact, for some normal users, they can open documents, process some working documents, watch some movies, and browse news information, Do some office is actually OK, so-called enterprise version, listen to more high-end atmosphere, in fact, the use of several software is that a few.

4. Has the unified information operating system reached the level of daily availability?
The answer to this question may be different for different people, because there are not many softwares covered by the unified information operating system at present, but some commonly used high-frequency ones are already available. Even if they are not, they can be realized through wine. Sometimes we often use QQ wechat can be used, such as Xunlei, the communication operating system platform can be used directly. If it's an office system, we can use WPS directly. In fact, WPS has supported Linux system for a long time. Moreover, the interface and functions are exactly the same as the windows system. At present, the latest WPS system is the version, and WPS is the latest version. If you use WPS in windows, you can use it freely on the unified information operating system, and the unified information operating system can log in the membership information, which is exactly the same as windows.
In terms of music, there are Netease cloud music and deep music. Deep music is the music function of Tongxin operating system. Music software can only play local music without online function. Netease cloud music can be used in China. There are many users in this unified information operating system.
Browser we can use 360 browser or fox browser, Google browser is OK, they support that system itself.
If the software you use happens to be within the support range of the unified information operating system, congratulations. You can install it. The operating system works normally. In other words, the purpose of turning on the computer this time is to watch a movie or listen to music. You can also use the system. But if you use some professional software this time, What we don't have at present is Windows system.
However, there are still some deficiencies in the unified information operating system, that is, the support for the driver is not very good. Most of the drivers are foreign manufacturers, and the support for the Linux system is not very good. For example, after installing the unified information operating system in my laptop, he still has no sound. Maybe the unified information operating system is not very good for the notebook. I think it is OK for others to install the system on their desktop computers.
5. There is no relevant version of a software in the unified information operating system.
At present, the most talked about on the Internet is that there is no corresponding version of a certain software on the Tongxin operating system. In fact, this has nothing to do with the operating system. After all, this system is like this. Although the deep operating system, the predecessor of unified information operating system, has been released for many years, it is weaker in promotion and ecological construction due to its weak strength. At present, the official of Tongxin operating system is still more active in ecological construction, and the compatibility of hardware and software has been greatly improved.

In fact, if we say that the early windows operating system is also like this, there is no software support, no ecology. So many people say that they don't know what to do with this Windows system? Play games? Now many people know the office series office software. In fact, many years ago, the most popular office software was not office, but lotus series. At first, lotus office software only supported Apple's system, so many people bought Apple computers to use the system. Microsoft also did not have the office software on its own system at the beginning, so it developed the office series.
6. Is the unified information operating system completely self-developed?
It should be made clear that the unified information operating system is developed based on the Linux system. It is not independently developed, and the official propaganda has never said that it is independently developed with independent intellectual property rights. Linux system belongs to the intellectual property rights of all mankind and the world, and does not belong to the assets of a certain country. Therefore, theoretically, anyone in the world can use it freely and use it for commercial purposes. Debien belongs to the community driven type in Linux system, which is more prominent in terms of freedom. Unlike other systems, they are dominated by other companies.
Tongxin operating system is mainly independent and controllable. Autonomy is mainly based on the development of the system's own environment, and then controllable is mainly based on the system's no country restrictions. If you use a free operating system, you don't have to worry about being restricted or sanctioned by any country. So many people will ask whether the Tongxin operating system is a distribution version of the Linux operating system. It should be explained that the Tongxin operating system does not claim to be a distribution of the free operating system. Here is a point. Note that if it is a distribution version of the Linux operating system, there will be many linux operating systems, some features, for example, the permission of root, etc, There is also some freedom. The unified information operating system, there are many of them. There are more than one on the top. It limits the permissions of root by default. Even in the eyes of many free operating system enthusiasts, Tongxin operating system is not a real Linux system, but also an operating system that violates the concept of Linux operating system. In their eyes, the unified trust operating system is an alien.
7. If Tongxin operating system is based on open source free operating system, can it be charged?
This problem mainly comes from some misunderstanding of the spirit of open source. Many people think that open source is free, and free is open source. There is a big misunderstanding. First of all, open source is mostly free, but it does not mean that open source must be free. Many open source also charge. Kaiyuan, from the literal understanding, is open source code, but open source code does not necessarily need to be free. For example, some are open source code, and you can still use it, but you must pay a license fee for using it. This is a lot of things, such as virtual game engine. Like red riding hood. Let's not forget that IBM bought red hat with more than 10 billion dollars before. If red riding hood can't pay and has revenue, why should it spend so much to acquire it? Therefore, it is entirely possible for Tongxin operating system to use open source system to charge for commercial operation. This is in line with the regulations. After all, if you can't charge for using open source software, then this can only limit the development of open source software.
8. There is no charge for Windows operating system. Is the charge reasonable?
First of all, we divide this question into two parts. First, whether the windows operating system is free; second, whether the unified information operating system is charged. Then we will discuss this issue. First, the first windows operating system is not free. This problem, to repeat, many people use free operating systems, In fact, it is self cracked or pirated in some way, which is not really free. I read in an article some time ago that Microsoft has no longer used charging personal operating system fees to make profits. In fact, the big head is not here. The real big head is in the OEM market or commercial market. It can be said that all the computers we buy, as long as they are brand-name computers, and then our own operating systems are charged. Then we just hand over the money to the computer company, not to the Microsoft company directly. Therefore, we don't feel that we pay for the operating system, but we actually realize it in the process of buying computers, We have paid for the operating system, but if we use the assembled computers ourselves, we usually use pirated or cracked methods to obtain the operating system. This is not in the scope of discussion. After all, pirating or cracking is not worth promoting.
A lot of people said that before windows 7 was upgraded to windows 10, it could be upgraded free of charge. That is to say, pirated products can be changed into genuine ones, and they are still free of charge. It should also be explained that when upgrading from Windows 7 to windows, and upgrading to genuine version free of charge, this can only be done by using Microsoft's official windows easy upgrade software, Other software is still not allowed, that is to say, in fact, it is the default that your pirated users will become genuine users at this time. In fact, the back door of this operating system is still in the hands of Microsoft. Anyone who has a little memory knows that in the past few years, if the windows system is pirated, it will become a black screen as long as it is turned on. This is called a black screen event, So, even if you are pirated, Microsoft can also control your operating system. It doesn't matter whether it's genuine or pirated. I can imagine if the military computer or the government computer or the energy company's computer or the power company's computer is suddenly controlled by Microsoft, and then what happens? So you can imagine how much impact this will have. Some people say that you are a little worried about this, and you think too much. How could Microsoft do this? Does he stop doing business? Well, we can take a look at Huawei, Qualcomm and TSMC. They all restrict Huawei. Do they not want to do business? In fact, due to policy reasons, it is within the so-called uncontrollable factors. Under the strong demand of the government, no enterprise can disobey the will of the government. It doesn't matter if a personal computer is controlled by Microsoft, but if a key department's computer is controlled by Microsoft, then this is a very important issue.
Speaking of Microsoft's operating system, let's talk about whether the charge of the communication operating system is reasonable. First of all, let's see that the charge of the communication operating system is only for the professional version. At present, the personal version is only value-added payment, so whether you pay or not is the same. If you don't pay, then you just don't use its value-added services, Let's take a look at whether the charging price of Microsoft's operating system is the same as that of the communication operating system. At present, the personal version of the unified information operating system is 99 yuan, but the windows operating system is basically more than 300 yuan. This is not a price at all.
9. What kind of people will use the unified information operating system?
First of all, let's consider the operation system of Tongxin. Facing users, the three core departments, mainly the party, government and army, should use their own operating systems. Then there are some key departments, such as banks, power and energy, which are related to people's livelihood and national arteries. He will certainly use Tongxin operating system, Then there are some key state-owned enterprises and government institutions, and so on, which are the target users of Tongxin operating system. However, it is strange that many evaluations are actually from individual users, while the target users of Tongxin operating system are actually government, government and enterprise customers. In fact, the users and evaluators are not in the same place, so there will be a dislocation. For example, many people say that the Tongxin operating system can't play the hero alliance. However, for a government enterprise, whether it can play the hero alliance on the operating system is not in the scope of consideration. He is more concerned about whether the Tongxin operating system can complete its tasks and connect some of its devices, Can some office software be used normally. If the operating system can't do some games, maybe some successful customers are more welcome.
10. What does Yunluo think of the future of Tongxin operating system?
First of all, there are two first unified information operating systems, which will occupy a certain position in the field of operating systems in China. The second operating system is only a spare wheel and will not completely replace the windows operating system. This is for sure.
Many people see that the unified information operating system comes out, and then they say, Microsoft is finished, windows is finished and will quit China. In fact, there are a lot of nonsense. First of all, we know that, no matter what, the window operating system must be better than the Tongxin operating system in many aspects. This is no doubt. Then we will make a new Tongxin operating system, It is mainly for the sake of self-control. In many critical times, we can have an alternative. For the party, government, army and government enterprises, we must use the Tongxin operating system, but for individual users, this is completely casual. If you like to use the Tongxin operating system, then use the Tongxin operating system. If you like the windows operating system, you should use the Tongxin operating system, Then, the government will not force you to change to Tongxin operating system, because it is not important for this personal industry and personal field.



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