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Running program: WordPress

Running host: alicloud

Running time: August 1, 2014

Use theme: Git

About boar

Blogger is a married Chinese character 😳 😳 , Like the Internet, like to share, like to post bar, like to toss about fox, like to play new things.
In the following websites, you may find mine too.

Introduction to blog navigation

At present, the navigation menu of this website is divided into ten menus: home page, toss, fox, post bar, information, WordPress, resources, people, voice, essay and message.

  • Toss mainly write their own toss things, interesting things, such as playing software and so on;
  • Of course, it's about the skills, information (here's the information about foxes), extensions, scripts, styles, etc;
  • The post bar is about everything about the post bar, but it doesn't include Baidu's information, interesting events, skills, trends, announcements, events, etc;
  • Information is generally domestic and foreign scientific and technological information, and is generally reproduced in domestic and foreign media;
  • WordPress mainly describes the problems and solutions encountered by bloggers in using WordPress programs, including the use or recommendation of plug-ins and themes, and may include some knowledge of network technology;
  • Resources refer to the downloadable things shared by bloggers themselves, including music, novels, software, etc;
  • People mainly look at things from the perspective of "people", introduce some character news, mainly extract other media news;
  • Inside the voice are some "interesting" comments collected by bloggers themselves through the Internet platforms such as post bar, news, blog, microblog, etc;
  • Essays may be just some of the blogger's spitting, or some views on some things, personal color may be more serious;
  • The message is mainly some pages of this website, including friend chain, message board, popular readers (seems to have problems), or some introduction of the website, such as this paragraph.

Support website development

We don't have any payment service. If the content of this website has some effect on your study, please scan the following QR code to pay me. If your website has problems or needs simple modification, I can give you some help within my ability

Copyright notice

This website content welcome reprint, but reprint must add the link, you may choose the article link also may choose the blog homepage link, if you two have not reserved, I am sorry, here does not welcome you to visit, I silently pull into the website blacklist.


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  2. There are two positions in the navigation setting. But the page navigation is set. Can you tell me where it is?

    1. @ cappuccino You may need to help yourself for a while. Yunluo has no time to take care of the website recently, and has not replied to the website comments for a short time. To the copyright must he came to line, other use of the problem can leave a message, understand with the message reference.

  3. Hello, I used the GIT theme of WordPress to upload the head and background of the picture. However, this picture is a little larger, and then the display is incomplete. I would like to ask how to adjust the navigation position down a bit, so that the picture can be completely displayed. Also, the public code of the website footer in the page foot, where the background is black, where can I change it to other colors, Is it changed in Git alpha: style sheet (style. CSS)? If it is here to change the specific location, thank you very much!

  4. Hello blogger, I use your topic git, please ask me a more troublesome problem, that is, after setting the tag, if the code or download link contains tag keywords, it will highlight the code, or automatically generate the tag hyperlink in the download link. This problem is a headache, how to solve this problem, I am very grateful!

  5. If you want to delete the copyright, please add as the whole website friend chain, or sponsor the fun park (Alipay: Thank you for your support

    1. @ Cai Jinlong Sorry, the description is not clear enough. I didn't get a QR code when I logged in by wechat on my website. The same was true for my mobile phone. The registration button didn't work. I bought the use document. I tried the two possibilities mentioned above. The firewall was turned off, and the domain name was relatively short. I couldn't find the reason

  6. Hello, blogger. I want to give you a suggestion. The code in the geek Park Theme article is not very mobile friendly because the screen is small. The code will be changed to one line directly, but the mobile code of many blogs is displayed in a similar container, which can be swiped to the right directly. Can you optimize this. I had intercepted the picture, but I couldn't send it out. I didn't find your email on the website. But bloggers should be able to understand me... Er, er

  7. For help, the baidu disk link s / 1gdbkt -- wrfeqrypa81bskg in the log became a hyperlink after it was released, and then the middle "-" was converted into a "-" so that the website could not be opened. How do you need to set this error?
    It can display text directly without conversion.

  8. Based on git theme, a series of big changes have been added: different screen size, appearance response, email registration verification, comments and likes, CMS classification with ranking, home page selection card, multi thumbnail display, search box modification and so on. More details: coordinate space network

  9. When publishing a product, what are the corresponding product numbers, delivery places, delivery time, and the label name corresponding to the code?

  10. Dear, may I ask you a question? Is there a good solution to open the anti-theft chain without loading GIF images after using Alibaba cloud storage? Many GIF format pictures are completely broken 🙂

  11. In the website search box, searching in English letters is effective, but searching in Chinese is invalid. What is the situation?

    1. @ Rola Takizawa Pro, did not update anything, but I have to wechat login authorization code old invalid, I changed it is not decent, reload a few times or the same, did not fold, request cloud down push his local version, as if changed a version number! Later, the problem was still with myself 😛

  12. Dear friends, as for the partners whose wechat login authorization code is invalid, I suggest you all take a look at this article written by Yunluo: After half an hour of research and step-by-step search, the final conclusion is that the SSL certificate is not complete, resulting in no corresponding cookie, so the authorization code is always invalid or invalid when logging in to scan the code! These two days also trouble Yunluo myself, I'm really sorry, but also called to push the new theme version! 😛 😛

  13. Dear, I'm here again. The wechat login reported an error: uncaught referenceerror: setcookie is not defined
    at weixin. html:1

  14. Pro, submit a bug, the wechat login in WP 5.3 version is normal, upgrade to 5.3.2 and hang up. Always prompt: captcha invalid, use your own plug-in, normal. 🙂

  15. The wechat login of geek park is not stable. Now I can't log in. I hope to see if there is a problem with our website

          1. @ Clouds fall Is there an article with a demo? Do you post the title of the article and I search for it, or the link to the article? Payjs configuration is OK. The editor also sees the button you mentioned

              1. @ Clouds fall Yes, the operation is a little unfamiliar, can you add QQ 1194261298 to talk about how to operate, or do you have specific operation articles? Send a link, I refer to the background operation

  16. Wish you all a happy New Year! Payjs has opened Alipay payment these two days. Everything else has been done well, but it seems that code is needed to support it

  17. Big guy, can the gold coin integral get a kind of shopping mall form? Now the purchase content is one-time, you can show the hidden content after you buy it, you can't buy it again. If it is to do one month members, annual members and so on, the current function can not be realized. If there is a function that can be sold in kind and can be purchased repeatedly, it will be good.

  18. Big guy, after my site is put on record, do not allow to appear to have registered words, is there a place to modify the login registration under the menu navigation? I want to fool the past with a website management,

  19. Wechat password visible call failure how to return a responsibility?? The hidden content is displayed directly after the article is published

        1. @ aasdd Say you Xiaobai is not happy, Xiaobai, Xiaobai, Xiaobai :mrgreen: Restrain your irritability, or even if someone knows, who will pay attention to you? 🙂