We have to shuffle again

Published on June 24, 2018

Now the vegetable market is really demolished this time. There is no such reliable market in the whole city. Now is another turning point in my life. It's not good this time. I'll be beaten back again

Raspberry pie changes time zone

Published on March 4, 2018

Sometimes when we enter date to check the time, we find that we always wait 8 hours. This is because the time zone of raspberry pie is set incorrectly. First, enter the command date to view the date

Change user password of raspberry pie

Published on March 1, 2018

After installing the system, raspberry pie will have the original default user name and password. Next, we can modify the user password of raspberry pie. Setting: Raspberry pie 3b, raspberry pie system: R

Targets for the first half of 2018

Published on February 21, 2018

"Give up" 15 strokes, "insist" 16 strokes, give up and insist on the difference! If you miss a little bit, you will lose a thousand miles. No matter how late you go to bed, there will always be someone later than you. No matter how early you get up, you always

I fell down today

Published on February 2, 2018

Unfortunately, it didn't snow today. It was frozen. It's retrograde. It's a non motorized fall. I just fell up and I didn't feel it at all. When I come back at night, I feel that my whole body will fall apart...... Feeling inside

2018 is not over

Published on January 5, 2018

I bought a new router 2 on December 22, 17, and never stopped tearing. So far, it hasn't been solved... I bought the card three years ago and found that I watched TV