I'm 5258

Memory time: protect love and dream!

The ethereal world of the Internet is like a dream, true and false. But one thing is always true. That's love.
The reality of the prosperous world, like wine, drunk hard to wake up. But there is one thing, always sober. That's the dream.
I'm 5258 on the Internet. In reality, you can call me Er Chao. When I created this blog, I just wanted to record something about me. Dream reality, dream love, are all the objects I record. Here, will restore a real, belongs to my paradise.
When you come and see this article, you have entered my world. Come and get to know me.

"Life is like a cocktail. You never know what you're going to get." But I can record it. I'm 5258. I feed myself a bag of salt. Ah, bah, it's salty