Testing website stress

Published in 101 readings on August 9, 2020

First we need to install apache2-utils this apache two Components of the server

 apt install apache2-utils

Then write the command

 ab -n5000 -c100

Parameter meaning:
Concurrent 100
Total visits 5000 times (need to add http: / /)

Installation may require root privileges
sudo apt install apache2-utils

My raspberry pie was killed in one shot

AB command parameter description and use method:

Usage: ab [options] [HTTP [S] / / host name [: Port] / path
-Number of requests executed by N requests
-C. the number of concurrent requests
-T is the maximum timelimit seconds. Waiting for a response
-The size of the received buffer in bytes of TCP
-The P postfile file contains the post of the data. Also remember Set-t
-The U putfile file contains the put of the data. Also remember Set-t
-V. how much trouble shooting information to print
-Print the results of HTML table
-I) use the header instead of get
-The X property string is inserted into the table property
-Y property string inserts tr attribute
-The Z attribute is inserted as a string of TD or th attributes
-C property, such as adding. "Apache = 1234. (repeatable)
-The H property adds any header row, for example. "Accept encoding: gzip" inserts all normal header lines. (repeatable)
-A. add basic www authentication, attribute colon separated user name and password.
-P property, basic proxy authentication, property adds colon separated user name and password.
-X proxy: the port number used by the port access proxy server
-V print the version number and exit
-K. use the HTTP K eepalive function
-D) do not display percentile table.
-S does not show confidence estimates and warnings.
-Output the collected data and the file in gnuplot format.
-E-name output percentage CSV file service
-R. do not exit socket receive error.
-H) display usage information (this message)
-Z's password group specifies SSL / TLS encryption suite (see OpenSSL password)
-F protocol specifies SSL / TLS protocol (ssl3, tls1 or all)

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