I always like to take love with a knife

Published on 43 readings on December 6, 2018

When I go to school, I want to go to a closed school. I want to be strict. If I can't control myself, it's a good thing for me. As a result, he wanted to get married. Because of the lack of money at home, I went to public school and couldn't control my own heart. I didn't finish junior high school.

Now I buy a car, but I have to fight for love. I have to drive without a driver's license. I don't know if it's enough to deduct points. I was found out by the traffic police. I'm going to be finished. I like very few things, but I am very possessive.

I don't want to talk to him like that.

In fact, he had to pull me to buy one. His ears were soft. I listened to him. It made me very tired. I used to have a stall for two people, but now I have to have a baby and ask my mother to help take care of the baby. I'm tired of working at a stall alone. He never considers other people, everything, his own interests always come first. But it always feels like he takes care of everyone. In fact, it's just the face of my parents. Let him take care of me.


In fact, I really don't have a brain

Lonely and boring