[original tool] [update 1.2] ignoring the power failure of the network, a tool that can really run the password, Baidu network disk sharing link counter was released

Published on 17 readings on May 10, 2018


Version 2.1


Previously, there is a similar tool in the Forum: https://www.52pojie.cn/thread-629100-1-1.html. This tool calls hash.cs in the Forum (the principle of this tool can also refer to this post). Thank you @ mxwxz. In addition, this post borrows the typesetting of the moderator @ cloud in the sky
This tool is only for personal practice. Do not use it for illegal purposes, or you will be responsible for the consequences

This article explains the meaning of the title. It just emphasizes that the tool can automatically save the progress and cope with sudden power failure.

Functions & Features

Violence through exhaustion Crack Baidu network disk share link password, with automatic dial-up for IP, automatic real-time save progress, 100% no missing code, 100% results, suitable for hanging on the server, whether to crack out is only a matter of time (the general domestic dial-up broadband can be completed in seven hours at most, if you rent a dial-up virtual server, it may take a little longer, and the owner rents a server himself It took more than 12 hours to work out the password)
Of course, encounter that kind of compression package with password, the landlord also has no good way, admit your life.

Link format only supported: Https://pan.baidu.com/s/1x... (if it is not in this format, you can first convert it to this format and then fill in )


Usage & Accessories

usage method:

For the time being, this tool must cooperate with broadband dialing (if there is no broadband dialing, you don't need to look down if you don't have broadband dialing, and you don't need to look down if you don't have broadband dialing. You may consider agent management later.)
Input the link, click the new project, wait for the completion of the establishment, and then click Start / continue calculation
After restarting the software, as long as the link remains unchanged, you can click Start / continue to calculate the number without clicking on the new project


BaiduPanKeygen 1.2.zip

Update log

Version No.: 1.01/2018.05.06

  • Fix some bugs. The tool was launched in 52pojie.cn

Version No.: 1.2/2018.05.06

  • Add the function of "call cloud disk master key" according to the general requirements (mail function is expected to open in the next version)

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