• January 31, 2018

I have been planning this page to give the old irons who want to invite me to eat spicy bread.

I don't have any hobbies in my life. Rural people don't like to drink coffee, but like to eat spicy strips. No accident, your donation has satisfied my appetite. A small part of the donation will be invested in the sustainable development of the website. If there is a little more, I think I will buy some books on the Kindle to have a look, so as to improve my ability of gossiping.

You can scan the following QR codes with wechat, Alipay and QQ. Please note relevant information when donating, so as to show your gratitude!

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Reward list

time amount of money channel remarks
2018-01-31 ¥6.66 Wechat payment Xifengli
2018-04-12 ¥1.00 Alipay Bestial
2018-04-16 ¥2.33 Wechat payment The moon
2018-05-12 ¥2.33 QQ Wallet Yue Zeyi
2018-05-27 ¥6.66 Wechat payment Anbrey
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  1. Please have an ice cream, ha ha

  2. Walk the farthest Road, die at the foot of the road

  3.  Anbrey Anbrey


  4. 3.21 eating spicy strips together

  5. Let me have one: sad:: sad:: sad:: sad: 2.33

    1. @The moon Haha, thank you.

    2.  And what about you? And what about you?

      @The rain shed tears Can the source code of this reward be shared

    3. @What about you There is no source code

    4.  Yang Bin Yang Bin

      @The rain shed tears Can I share the source code

    5. @Yang Bin I now this is my own transplant, near the final exam, there is no time to sort out the source code, the comments under this comment this throw a transplant by others, you can try

  6. I'll have spicy strips, too

    1. @Right and wrong questions You can treat me to two packs of spicy strips

  7. The thief was embarrassed when he got a big reward of 2 jiao

    1. @Shentaizhou I wait for the big one, and then write the record

    2. @The rain shed tears All right

    3. @China Taihang QQ sent to my mailbox, add QQ specific

    4. @The rain shed tears QQ: I

    5. @China Taihang You can reward me without embarrassment. I'll take as much as you like.

    6. @The rain shed tears Take your time

  8. I can't help but read it when I look at it, and then I can't help laughing

    1. @Moisten the sky Yeah? Where to poke your smile point:!:

    2. @The rain shed tears I love to eat spicy strips and improve my ability to make a fool of myself

    3. @Moisten the sky So we're going to have spicy strips together?

  9. :wink:

  10. :!::!: 1 point is OK

    1. @Mr. cat The number is not too much. I only want spicy bar, but 1 point is too ridiculous

    2. @The rain shed tears : twisted:: twisted: let's have one

    3. @Mr. cat :twisted: