Everything is settled.

• May 26, 2020 • Unfortunately, I'm waiting for you

In order to be stable, I chose to transfer in advance. Yesterday, I confirmed in the system the notice of intended admission from Yangzhou University, which means that I have been a prospective graduate student of Yangzhou University, but at the same time, I have automatically given up the re examination opportunity of a volunteer school.
I got a score of 371 in the first postgraduate entrance examination. In fact, I only ranked 24 among the students who participated in the adjustment of Yangzhou University. I didn't expect that there were 400 + candidates to adjust. However, in the end, my second examination score ranked third, and the sixth comprehensive score entered the list of candidates for admission.
Many people think it's a pity for me to give up a volunteer in the middle of the way. In fact, I have made such a choice. I have communicated with teachers and classmates many times. Finally, I figured out that I was just a master of education, not a master of academic background. So I gave up the chance of re examination of a double first-class university. However, it was not too bad for me to get a stable admission opportunity from both non universities. Moreover, the campus where I was going to graduate school was next to the thin West Lake, and the scenery was still good.

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  1. Still congratulations.
    It's a new beginning after it's settled.

  2. The chain of friends has been added.

  3. To my surprise, the founder of the ten-year Contract became an alumni

    1. @iEdon Please give me more advice. I'm in the thin West Lake campus

  4. A new journey.

  5. Since you have chosen, bless you, come on!

  6. Fuchun teahouse is waiting for you~

  7. Congratulations

  8. A few days ago, I just passed by Yangzhou. I felt the noodles were delicious~

  9. Yangzhou scenery is very good, I used to play in Nanjing University

  10. I always thought Yangzhou University was 211. It's a pity.