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Budgetvm VPS / server selection configuration summary, promotional activities and suggestions Overhead

Budgetvm, a relatively old overseas host company, provides VPS, servers and other services. The data center includes four computer rooms in Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago, and Linux and windows systems can be selected. At present, budget VM vendors have canceled the original low-cost policy configuration. The basic configuration of VPS starts from 2GB memory, which is relatively comfortable.

Budgetvm independent servers solution and options pay $99 a month

Among the numerous budgetvm host services, the server business is also more user selected. Compared with cost performance and cost, budgetvm independent server is relatively low. If we need to use server products in our project, we can choose budgetvm. In addition to the standard products provided, you can also customize the scheme and configuration. This can be used by larger business users, and VPS is sufficient for small business purposes.

Budgetvm cloud servers solutions and options pay $29 a month

Budgetvm also provides cloud servers cloud server services. From the perspective of technology and security, the performance and stability of cloud servers are definitely stable compared with VPS. And the configuration is much higher than VPS. If the cost of VPS is stable, the cost ratio of VPS is low. At present, the minimum monthly payment of cloud server is $29.

- open2gb / budge1507gb / budget

If we are for general project use, we don't need to blindly choose Xen architecture scheme. OpenVZ is relatively cheaper. The hard disk is also started at 150gb, but it is an ordinary HDD Hard disk, not SSD solid-state disk. Memory is also 2GB start, traffic month 4tb, the price of $7.9. The data center also has four computer rooms, of which the Los Angeles computer room is the most preferred.

Budgetvm SSD VPS solution – 2GB RAM / 150gb SSD / 4tb traffic / 2ip / $9.9

If we are using SSD VPS for station building, we suggest to choose SSD VPS scheme. One is SSD, the other is Xen architecture. The stability should be better than OpenVZ ordinary hard disk. At present, the basic configuration of 2GB memory starts, whether we are building a website with web panel, or using one click LNMP installation package, there is no problem. In the past, there were low-level schemes, but they have been cancelled. The current configuration is really large.

Budgetvm business four computer rooms test IP and download test files

Budgetvm businesses are relatively old-fashioned overseas server providers, and enzu's brand with high cost performance. Budgetvm businesses provide virtual machine, VPS and independent server services. General VPS, server business products or by the majority of users welcome. The data center provides four computer rooms in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Miami.