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2018, here we are! 🐕


I wish you all a happy new year.

First of all, I'll give you some red envelopes. During the Spring Festival of 2018 (February 15-february 21), that is, from the Lunar New Year's Eve to the sixth day of the first month, you can get red packets of different amounts according to the purchase amount. I hope this little red envelope can make you feel a little warm in the Spring Festival.

Instructions on the application center unable to download free apps ⁉️

In order to provide better services, we have recently carried out server migration for free applications. However, on some hosts, this will cause the application to be unable to download. We have urgently repaired the application center client. If you still cannot download the application, please update the application center client in the background. We are very sorry for the impact.

Z-blog account system upgrade

The Z-blog series account system is now upgraded and unified into a user center account:


One click deployment of z-blogphp using pagoda panel 🏛


Users who use alicloud, Tencent cloud or various VPS / servers can now deploy z-blogphp with one click through the pagoda panel.

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