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Z-blogphp 1.5.2 zero released 👍


I'm glad to tell you that after a year, z-blogphp 1.5.2 has finally been released!

Announcement on security vulnerability of application center client 🦄


Webmasters who did not update the application center plug-in in in February 2018, please update to the latest version of the application center immediately.

All Z-blog services have been successfully relocated to Tencent cloud Guangzhou 😈

 down_ 18_ 3_ 28_ 2_ 23_ 23.jpg

Today, our relocation plan has caused the service to be offline for quite a long time. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

Z-blog full service has been upgraded to PHP 7.2 🐢

 down_ 18_ 3_ 28_ 2_ 22_ 17.jpg

After pressing the last carriage return, we finally upgraded all our services to PHP 7.2. Of course, the benefits of upgrading to 7.2 are less significant than the huge change from PHP 5 to PHP 7. PHP as a better service provider can always provide us with better service. This is also our feelings. So, Hello, PHP 7.2.

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