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Embrace PHP8, ZBP 1.6.6 officially released! 🐀🐁🧃💧


Recently, PHP8 was released, with many more features, and its performance naturally improved. In order to enable Z-BlogPHP users to use PHP 8 more quickly, we have made some adaptations, added some functions and made some repairs. Now, ZBP 1.6.6 has been officially released.

The Application Center "Work Order System" is online! 🤼🤼🤼

 Untitled - 1.jpg

"Add developer QQ didn't respond!" "XXX application can't be used!"...... Still struggling to contact the developer? In order to solve the problems of users charged by the application center more quickly, obtain better after-sales experience, and enable developers to deal with user problems more efficiently, we have launched the "official communication bridge" - work order. Users can submit work orders in the background of the application center. The developer end can receive the notice in time and process it in the background. The communication process is supervised by official personnel, which is safe and efficient.

ZBP1.6.5 released 🤣🤣🤣


ZBP1.6.5 is finally released...

The pagoda panel is big and BUG 💣, Everyone, please update it quickly!


The pagoda panel is big and has a bug. Please update it quickly!
It works better with the vulnerability patch released by ZBP last time!!!

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