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Application Center "work order system" online! 🤼🤼🤼


"Add developer QQ did not respond!" "XXX app cannot be used!" Still struggling to reach developers? In order to solve the problems of charging users in the application center more quickly and get a better after-sales experience, and developers can deal with user problems more efficiently, we specially launched the "official communication bridge" - work order. Users can submit the work order in the background of the application center, and the developer can receive the notice in time and process it in the background, and the communication process is supervised by the official personnel, which is safe and efficient.

ZBP 1.6.5 was released 🤣🤣🤣


Finally, zbp.5.1 was released...

The pagoda panel is bulky 💣, Let's update!


Pagoda panel big bug, we quickly fast fast update it!
With the last ZBP release of the vulnerability patch to eat, the effect is better!!!

Please update to 1.6.4 build 162135 as soon as possible 🤖

 GIF 2020-8-5 9-38-09.gif

Received the cnvd national vulnerability database secret report, z-blogphp 1.6.4 build162135 has fixed several bugs and vulnerabilities, please update in time!

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