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👑 Z-BLOG is 16 years old!!! 🍭🍬🍩


It's a great pleasure to welcome ZBLOG's 16th birthday on February 18, 2021!

A new era is coming 🏄‍♂️🐂, Z-BlogPHP 1.7 heavy public beta


Long wait~After six months of development, we finally launched the public beta of Z-BlogPHP 1.7 on the eve of the Spring Festival. This update is the biggest change in the ZBP 1. X era, adding API functions and thumbnails, and replacing all background icons with vector icons. Welcome all bloggers and webmasters to come and taste!

Emergency announcement: domain name switch notification of Z-Blog user center 🔧🔨😝


I'm sorry, as you can see, because the domain name of the user center ( cannot be accessed for unknown reasons these days, the core services cannot be provided normally. The current solution is to use a new domain name( )To replace the old domain name and ensure the normal and stable operation of the service.

Here comes the serious Docs, and the official Z-Blog/Z-BlogPHP document is officially launched 🎉

 laile (1).jpg

After several days of polishing, we officially went online Official Documents , replacing the original wiki (the original wiki content can still Here Found). This is an important step towards standardization and modernization. It removes some obstacles for the next development of the main program, so that developers/users can more easily access the corresponding information and better customize the site functions. The new document adopts Markdown syntax, which is more general, modern and convenient; The content is more concise and clear than that of the old Wiki. It is not perfect yet. Welcome to help us improve the content.

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