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For our common Z-blog to offer a warm-hearted!

Since the birth of Z - blog in January 2005, it has experienced two years During this period, our Creator ZX ASD, SIPO, cloudream and other developers have devoted a lot of effort to it. In addition, with the support of the majority of zbloggers, Z-blog has not been submerged in two years of wind and rain, on the contrary, it has developed more strongly! But as a completely free blog program, our personal financial and energy is limited Therefore, we are here to the majority of netizens, many enthusiastic zbloggers, launched this donation activity for Z-blog, in order to Z-blog in more support, do the best!

Zblogger.bbs new layout - Basic Course

After a brief discussion in the afternoon, I decided to add a sub Forum: basic tutorial under the "installation and upgrade" version of the forum It provides the most basic application tutorials for zbloggers who just contact with this program, such as the "common editing mode" tutorial of Z-blog, the role of each document in the template file, etc. In fact, my initial idea is: all the zbloggers together to write the most practical tutorial! Open a post, in the way of a question and answer. Unfortunately, the post soon sank to the bottom! Anyway, the goal is to improve the usability of the forum! Link: [url]

Zblogger.bbs and pineapple Pavilion adopt new feed addresses

Zblogger. BBS and pineapple Pavilion adopt new feed address

Baidu Internet news open protocol for Z-blog

usage method: Copy Baidu news.asp to Z-blog root directory and run Download:

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