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Z-blog PHP free experience function release 😸


Z-blog cooperates with Tencent cloud through the Open source application center   The one click enable rapid deployment mode provides you with the ability to quickly complete the Z-blog PHP site building work.

Quick deployment of Z-blog PHP blog in serverless architecture in three steps 👏


With the improvement of serverless architecture, and with the characteristics of saving money, fast and high concurrency, more and more enterprises choose to set up their own services on serverless. In order to enable ZBP users to server their blog website more quickly, the Z-blog team and Tencent cloud jointly launched a new deployment method of z-blogphp based on the serverless architecture. Through the z-blogphp component of the serverless framework, the z-blogphp project can be quickly deployed on the serverless architecture in three steps.

Finally, blogz-7.1 was released 👏

After two months of public testing, ZBP 1.7, a greatly changed version, was officially released~

This edition, codenamed "tenet", comes from a brain burning movie last year, meaning "creed.". It is true that ZBP adheres to his mission for 16 years, and it is true that ZBP adheres to the mission of polishing and developing for us for 16 years.

👑 Z-blog is 16 years old!!! 🍭🍬🍩


It's a great pleasure to welcome the 16th birthday of zblog on February 18th, 2021!

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