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Good luck in the Year of the Rabbit! The ZB server upgrade is complete! 🥰🐰😍

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The rabbit floats in the Jianghu, and gets angry when it's unhappy! I wish the Year of the Rabbit a prosperous and vigorous year!

The Year of the Tiger in 2022 🐯—— The official Z-Blog website has finally been revised! 👏🎉

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The official Z-Blog website has finally been revised!

All ZB sites have been upgraded to PHP8 💪⚔️🦾

Ma Ma said that if you have nothing to do, you need water. So we upgraded PHP8. The upgrade of the application center is the top priority.


It's a technical adjustment, don't be afraid! 🥵

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Recently, our official website could not be opened, not because we ran away, but because we are re filing.

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