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Z-blogphp wechat applet "zblog wxa" released, welcome to try~ 😍


The update of z-blogphp version 1.7 includes API functions, which makes it more convenient to develop clients through z-blogphp as the back-end. After the "os2020" spa theme of @ orange sunshine was released, developer @ jaeheng developed a simple small program called "zbloghp wxa" based on ZBP's own API, which allows webmasters to quickly build simple wechat applets without additional plug-ins. It also gives an example to more developers who want to use the API feature to develop small programs. Let's have a look~

The client is a wechat applet client, and the interface depends on the PHP version of Z-blog blog program. The Z-blog version at the time of development is: (Tenet);

If the version is too high or too low, the interface definition may not be consistent, so it can not be used normally. It is better to leave a message below the test results for others' reference.


Code hosting address:

Installation method

  1. preparation

    Z-blog applet version client relies on the API interface of Z-blog, so this function needs to be turned on first. Background > website Settings > API settings Open the enable API protocol switch and submit.

     20210723185407_ 59486.png

  2. Download code

    The code is hosted in GitHub. You can download zip directly. Git is recommended. You can clone the project directly

     git clone
  3. Import project

    Use wechat developer tool to import the project. When importing, modify the appid to your own.

     20210723185408_ 51846.png

  4. Modify interface domain name configuration

    In the root directory of the config JS file is modified to the domain name of your own website (API function needs to be opened), and the JSON file of other pages can be modified by yourself, such as page title

After completing the above steps, secondary development or test online can be carried out.

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