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Strategy of cracking down on spam messages and references in new version 1.7

Nowadays, the environment of setting up blog on the Internet is getting worse and worse. Due to the failure of early blog programs to predict the occurrence of large-scale spam behavior, our blog is now full of weeds and garbage, and Z-blog has digital verification code in its early version (but it has no substantive effect, adding nofollow to the link is more bookish), Then, in version 1.6, the verification key for messages and references was introduced, which was discarded after use. In version 1.7, adjustments were made again. Aren't these spam spammers trying to get more external links? We won't give you any of them. Use C_ The urlredirect.asp file links to turn, let you go to work in vain, the following see the specific instructions: c_ What is the use of urlredirect.asp? c_ urlredirect. ASP is used to pass all the links in the references and comments, and redirect to the original links with the refresh method of meta, and then in C_ The meta of urlredirect.asp is marked with Noindex and nofollow (the search engine will not index this page), C_ urlredirect. The URL parameter value of ASP is also confused with function, that is to say, the link you left behind is also disturbed and wrapped, and it is displayed in the form of inner chain on each page, and is displayed through C_ Urlredirect.asp. c_ Urlredirect.asp can also realize other functions, such as adding a reminder function when visiting an external station. Ask spam spammers to stay away from z-blogs. When you see this content, if you still have a little intelligence, you can stop these useless behaviors. What else to do next? The way of anti spam message and reference is still very slow. Can we stop these garbage by taking a little action above? We have to check the [url]= ]The anti spam message and reference system (URL) has been reformed to increase the audit method and judge the spam information intelligently. We hope that our measures can make the chaotic Internet more peaceful. We also hope that other blog programs will take more stringent measures and give you a real blog. Related references: [URL] [/URL]

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