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VagrantVagrant is a Ruby based tool for creating and deploying virtualized development environments. It uses Oracle's open source VirtualBox virtualization system and uses Chef to create an automated virtual environment. We can use it to do the following things: establish and delete...

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Wu Da You Hua.

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Wu Da has flowers and Sakura: can cherry blossom? Sakura: Well, you're coming, dancing in the air, cherry blossoms, and I'm here. I've come to see you in the year of the moon.

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I say seven emotions and six desires.

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Origin: today, when I brush a cartoon, I suddenly hear the word "seven emotions and six desires". Then I think about what is seven emotions and six desires. First we know what seven emotions are. What is six desires? Seven emotions: joy, anger, worry, thinking, sadness, fear, fear of six desires: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and meaning Baidu encyclopedia explains: seven emotions and six desires are psychological.

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NASA published the book entitled "Earth (earth)".

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NASA published the book entitled "Earth (earth)". When you want to see the beauty of the earth from the visual sense, NASA may give you a good way. This book (or atlas) contains a large number of earth images taken by NASA satellite. The hardcover version is priced at US $53 (about 356 yuan), outside the United States.

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What is page?

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What happened recently is page fire, which came from a special promotional film "Paige" published in the movie "piggy page over the new year". Li Yubao, a left behind old man living in the mountains, told the story of Paige in order to prepare his new year's gift for his precious grandson in the city. In the promotional film, Li Yubao is the treasure.