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An inspirational ambition to become the whole post of the 90s young man.

Funo aka


Fuouaka (Fu no ACA)


  • Single

  • A boy

  • A post-90 boy

  • A 90's boy in Henan

  • A self educated Henan boy after 90

  • A boy who wants to be a full stack engineer and likes to teach himself after 90 Henan

  • A boy with a dream of traveling around the world and never giving up.

Me Slug

  • Fu no aka, a motivational to become the whole stack of post-90s young man

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  1. so far With dreams, travel around the world

    He's on the way and never stops.
  2. October 2018 New domain name: startup, all station transfer!

    Same month:

    The blog station is merged with the technology station, the underlying structure is Typecho, and the domain name is

    Fu no card technology grid was established, using the domain name:
  3. 2018 05 Fu no card technology station, the underlying infrastructure to replace Typecho , write a theme: Fuouak
  4. 2018 04 The station opens HTTPS!
  5. 2018 03 School starts, the association official website project starts!

    Established in the same month:

    Fu no Aka Tu:

    Funo aka
  6. 2018 02 Fu no card home page:

    Fu no Aka Bok: (WordPress)

    Fu no card technology: (Xiuno)

    Formally established!
  7. 02, 22 2018 Fu no card new domain name enabled, all station transfer!
  8. 02, 15 2018 The website project is officially launched. The website is named "Fu no ACA". The initial domain name is Log First website

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  1. It is not necessary to wear a armor and a brave word to wander around the world.

    JUCA (2018-12-25) Reply
    • Nice

      Funo aka (2018-12-25) Reply