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Yearning for freedom and hard life~

Forrest ACA




  • single

  • A boy

  • A post-90s boy

  • A boy born in 1990s in Henan Province

  • A self-taught boy born in Henan Province

  • He wants to be a self-taught Engineer in Henan Province

  • A boy with a dream of traveling around the world and never give up

Me Slug

  • Forfait aka, yearning for freedom and hard life~

Me Emali

  • Email:<>

Me memorabilia

  1. so far Travel around the world with dreams

    He's moving forward, the kind that never stops
  2. October 2018 New domain name: start, whole station transfer!

    Same month:

    Blog station and technology station are merged, the underlying architecture is Typecho, and the domain name is

    Fufou ACA technology grid was established, using the domain name:
  3. May 2018 Fufouaca · technology station infrastructure change Typecho write a topic: Fuouak
  4. April, 2018 Turn on HTTPS in the whole station!
  5. March, 2018 The school begins, the association official website project starts!

    Founded in the same month:

    Fufouaca picture bed:

  6. February 2018 Fufouaka.home:

    Fufouaka blog: (WordPress)

    Fufouaka. Technology: (xiono)

    Officially established!
  7. February 22, 2018 Fufouaka's new domain name is enabled, and the whole station is transferred!
  8. February 15, 2018 The website project was officially launched. The website was named "fufufuaca" and its initial domain name was Log First website

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  1. Wandering in the world is not necessarily armor, a brave word can also roam the world

    JUCA (2018-12-25) reply
    • nice

      Forrest ACA (2018-12-25) reply