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I want to be your next minister.

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I want to be your second love to write a love letter for you. It's not too much for you. It's only two of you. It's just like I think I stand on the Bank of the river and have been separated by years. I miss you and say goodbye to the north and south.


Bing Ying Daily Photo API

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Bing Ying Daily Photo API today when choosing the background for the website, it suddenly occurred to him that the pictures of Bing should be changed every day, which could be used as background. After Baidu and research, it is found that there must be two sources: Format=j...


[travel Qinghai] the left wind carries a dream.

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Stop and stop is another stop. @ Qinghai then - where is your home? Qinghai. Well, I will go! At first acquaintance, let me remember that I had a trip to Qinghai which was not completed. Now, let's have a look. Tea card salt carving @ big white innocence is very blue @ @ Qinghai Lake @ Qaidam Basin @109 National Road @ sky mirror @...