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[travel Qinghai] the left wind carries a dream.

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Stop and stop is another stop. @ Qinghai then - where is your home? Qinghai. Well, I will go! At first acquaintance, let me remember that I had a trip to Qinghai which was not completed. Now, let's have a look. Tea card salt carving @ big white innocence is very blue @ @ Qinghai Lake @ Qaidam Basin @109 National Road @ sky mirror @...

Technical grid

JS code to achieve Dynamic Website Title Effect

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JS code implements the dynamic headline effect of a website. When you give his website a focus, the title of his website will be displayed normally. When opening other pages and giving no focus, the word "browser crash" will appear in the headline. It's interesting and easy to attract readers' attention. Not many words, directly below the code will be the following code...