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Desert / conservative week

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Recently, I read unconsciously the "desert" of Zhou, and I fell in love with it for a moment. Here is my heart, miraculous all things grow, and then you come here and come here to be desolated, and the grass is not born. The desert is going to read. It is another story: here is desolation and grass is not born. Then you came here to be a miracle.

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Three line love letter

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You need to wait for five minutes for the instant noodles. You know, I don't need to wait. Some people meet on the plane. Some people meet on a time machine. I want to see you on a dream. You can't see it.

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Little boy in love with little red riding hood

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Once in a lifetime, I will not worry about it any more. A thin promise of wolf boy, waiting for his whole life. Wolf boy, I am waiting for you. I believe that one day you will touch my head and praise me. Time goes by. I am waiting for the loyalty that I love you. "Wolf boy"

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A little bit on 2018/12/6 14:20:55

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A little thought is that 2018/12/6 14:20:55 is a Green Lantern without a visitor. But because of the fact that the wine and dust remain in the memory, things are turned into a ripple in the heart because of someone, things and things. Man is a very strange animal, saying that this has become a memory, but forever.

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A song of Amway: Centenary (Theatre version)

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Writing code has a habit of listening to songs. NetEase chooses a song list and hears it from the beginning. Suddenly, the keyboard stopped, and my heart was attracted by this 100 year old theater. Lyrics: CAST: Northern smoke: Yang Yi [KA.U]: natural born Abbot: abbot of witchcraft.

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JavaWeb server deployment (Windows version)

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The JavaWeb server deployment (Windows version) has the following general steps: 1. install and configure Tomcat JDK mysql2. to be packaged into.War format file and uploaded to the server and placed in webapps directory of Tomcat. Restart. 3. database dump and upload to service.

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A piece of paper is separated from each other.

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I wish the lady would be separated from each other and then brush the crescent on the temples. The beautiful eyebrows are graceful and graceful. The chief executive should choose to hire the senior executives. They will hate each other and hate each other. The two breadth will be happy.