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NASA published a book called Earth

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NASA published a book called Earth. When you want to see how magnificent the earth is, NASA may give you a good way. This book (or atlas) contains a large number of images of the earth taken by NASA satellites. The hardback version is sold for 53 US dollars (about 356 yuan) in the United States

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What is page

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What is page hot recently? It comes from a special promotion film "what is page" released in the film "piggy page's new year". In order to let the old man stay in the city, he told the story of his grandson. In the propaganda film, Li Yubao is the treasure

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Mix3 New Year's beast theme wallpaper

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Mix3 New Year's animal protection theme wallpaper hot new year's god beast Guardian wallpaper comes out ~ ~ ~ Xiaomi mobile phone official recently shared a special new year's Animal Wallpaper of Xiaomi mix3, implying that 2019 is like a god beast wish, enjoy good luck all year round. These are the white animals

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A hundred ancient love letters for you

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First letter: seeing a gentleman, Yunhu is not happy. The second letter: Linglong dice an Hongdou, acacia, do you know. The third letter: people say I love Chang'an, but I only love Chang'an. The fourth seal: there are trees in the mountains and branches in the trees. You don't know if you are happy. The fifth: deep love, deep mountain sunset, late autumn rain. Chapter six: long Xiangsi, long face memory, short phase

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Deer in the forest, whales in the blue sea

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Some people say: when the forest is deep, when you see the deer, when the sea is blue, when you wake up, you. But the reality: when the forest is deep, the fog rises, when the sea is blue, when it wakes up, it continues at night. No deer, no whale, no you. But in the end: Deer step on the fog, whales surge with the waves. How can you know I'm not here if you don't look back. But in my opinion: the deer are surprised to see people and disappear in the forest, and the whales step on the waves and put up


Travel Lijiang ancient city and snow mountain

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Before I graduated from University, I didn't expect to be a vagrant place. ——I will leave school in November. Travel is no better than three or two friends, light car simple line, not happy. So do I. my big brother, de @ Mengchao, seems to have been so many times

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Story or music

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Story: in the twenty years of emperor Weizong of the Song Dynasty, a robber who robbed the rich and helped the poor was not used to the corrupt officials and evil officials. When he fled the city by stealing money from corrupt officials, he took up a woman's skirt. Seeing that the officers and soldiers did not catch up with him, he dismounted to apologize. Unexpectedly, he secretly decided not to be a thief and take her as his wife. Yes, the man of heaven