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Yearning for freedom and hard life

About friend chain

It's great to have friends coming from afar -- The Analects of Confucius

You come, I am here.

If you do not come, I will still be here.

PS:emmmm'is a little Buddha...

Hello, my name is Funo aka English name Fufouaka I'm very happy to be friends with you, oh yeah!

You know what?

Learning without friends is lonely and ignorant. -- Confucius

I hope that in the days to come, you and I can learn from each other.

The message format is as follows:

 Site name: Fu no aka site address:

 Site Description: Fu no acar, yearning for freedom and hard life, address:

If you need to exchange friends, you can leave a message here.

Please specify the name, address and type of the website. If necessary, you can add a brief introduction.

Friends chain included

Ranking is no different, my collection of blog links will also add their own drops.

Those friends:

Fu no card, struggle not only

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  1. "Website name" IT's best blog
    This website introduces personal blog sharing IT operation experience and practical skills.
    "Website address"

    Itliujia (2018-12-02) Reply
    • Added

      Funo aka (2018-12-02) Reply
  2. Friend chain has been added to ~

    Lcry (2018-12-08) Reply
    • Ook

      Funo aka (2018-12-08) Reply
  3. Big guy, trouble changing the next domain name, replace "", thank you, Wan Anan.

    Lcry (2018-12-09) Reply
    • Well

      Funo aka (2018-12-09) Reply
  4. Hello, can you exchange friends chain?

    LmCjl (2019-02-01) Reply
    • Your station should also be added.

      Funo aka (2019-02-01) Reply
  5. Hello, can you exchange friends chain?
    LmCjl online tools

    LmCjl (2019-02-01) Reply
    • Added!

      Funo aka (2019-02-01) Reply