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It's time for a year, from university to society, without the bondage of schools, that the society is very good.

The world is good for the future. I'm fine too.

This is a sentence I said to myself last November 6th when I set foot on the train to Wuhan. At that time, I was afraid that what I was afraid of was that I was very young, and the world was very big, and I would certainly have a good time.

Finish the last class in the morning and buy tickets in the afternoon.

To say why I came to Wuhan, I couldn't make myself clear. There was an idea in my heart. I was going to Wuhan.

"Someone asked me, but no one came."

When I first came to Wuhan, without any reason, all of them came from me. Then I was thinking, why do I so dislike lonely people who have the courage to go on their own alone?

Looking for a house and finding a job is the two major problem that I have to face.

When I went to Wuhan, just when it was raining in Wuhan, I saw sunshine for seven days and felt that the sky was always gray, but my heart was full of sunshine.

Line 4: WuHan Railway Station - Wuchang Railway Station /2 line: Optics Valley square - Zhongnan Road, I walked through, do not want to take the subway, do not want to take the bus, just want to see Wuhan, at that time WeChat sports steps every day is very high, get up in the morning, eat Wuhan hot dry noodles, set out, where to go at night, where to find a place to sleep, that time did not feel tired, not feel bitter, full of everything. Curiosity, thank you at that time!

Finally, I feel that I live outside the house for a lot of money, rent a house, actually walking around looking for a house. I chose to rent a house with eggshell apartment on the last station of Wuchang Railway Station subway station, and saw many houses. At last, I think the decorating style of eggshell apartment is very popular.

He left Wuhan in the afternoon when he rented a house. He went to Lijiang and found a beautiful place. [travel Lijiang] ancient city and snow mountain, story wandering Then, after playing for a few days, he went back to school to send his stuff to Wuhan, and began to live in Wuhan.

 Funo aka
"It may be a dark night to greet us. Even so, we must believe that we are courageously moving forward and the stars will light up the road for us."

"I embrace my dream, but at last I am black and blue."

Nine girls wrote a message.

No one who wail at night is not enough to talk about life.

This sentence is a line in the Beijing women's pictorial, and hit me instantly when watching the play.

When I first entered the society, I felt that I could have a degree, a good face and a serious attitude. I sang my future not a dream.

Too simple, too naive

After experiencing some setbacks and hardships in life and work, it is discovered that the person who always smiles and greet people may hide a knife in his heart. He finds that many problems in his work can not be solved by hard work; he discovers that there are so many friends who really care about you, and finds that love is a bubble that will burst.

This sentence makes me understand that things are impermanent and all people are suffering, so that I can try to maintain peace of mind in face of difficulties.

Yes, late at night, let me shed tears alone. Wipe away tears and go to sleep. On the second day, they continue to put on their battles to fight for this life.

Too young, too weak, but I still have to live.

Yearning for freedom and hard life, but your motto is!

I remember when Dad first came to Wuhan last year.

You will thank you for your efforts in the future.

 Funo aka

Thank you for your life, thank you!

At this time of the cloud, 20-year-old you, refueling, Fu no ah card!

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Adobe Premiere Pro MME device internal error solution Https:// Https:// Mon, 16 Sep 2019 21:32:00 +0800 Funo aka Adobe Premiere Pro MME device internal error solution


Once the video clip was opened, the problem of internal error of the MME device appeared when the Pr software was opened. Originally, it did not want to skip it directly. I didn't expect the video clip material had not been heard yet, so make it and record it.

    1. Internal error in MME device

  • 2. turn on audio hardware options (Order: edit preference audio hardware).

The microphone is not working because there is no microphone connection on my computer.

  • 3. choose no input, click on the lower right corner, OK.

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Travel [Chongqing] mountain city literature and art, a journey to eat goods Https:// Https:// Mon, 09 Sep 2019 20:07:00 +0800 Funo aka

How can this mountain city be finished in one sentence?

I wanted to come to Chongqing for a long time. At last, I found a time to visit this art mountain city, and I had a good deal with food.

/ Wuhan starting in the afternoon

Chongqing at night

Passengers to the South Square of Chongqing North Railway Station, please get off at Chongqing North Railway Station.
Passengers to the north square of Chongqing North Railway Station, please get off at the faucet station.
There are passengers at the bus stop at the dragon head temple. Please get off at Chongqing North Railway Station. Fortunately, there are local guides.

Find a place, good night, Chongqing, see you tomorrow.


Chongqing North Railway Station > > magnetic outlet > > Yeling Park > > Li Zi Ba light rail > > two factory > Monument for Liberation > > Bayi delicious Street > Chaotianmen square > > Nanshan 1 tree > > Yangtze River cableway > > hongyalong Dong > Jiangmen North Bridge > Jiangbei Airport

The three day trip was very tired but I could not bear to leave.

Multi map warning -0-

Think of Chongqing first thinking about the pot pot, ha ha ha.
 Chafing dish.Jpg
Wuhan set out for the mountain city.

! Magnetic port
 Magnetic port.Jpg

! Li Zi dam light rail crossing
 Rail crossing of Li Zi Ba light rail.Jpg

! Literature and art two factory
 Two plant.Jpg

! Monument for Liberation square
 Monument for Liberation.Jpg

! ChaoTianmen Square

! A tree in Nanshan
 Nanshan a tree.Jpg

The Yangtze ropeway with a fare of 20 yuan met a rainy day in Chongqing.
 Misty rain.Jpg

! In the daytime, the cliff cave and the evening, and the Red Cliff cave at night.
 Hongya cave.Jpg during the day.

 Hongya cave.Jpg in the evening

 Hongya cave at.Jpg PM

! Panoramic night Chongqing

 .jpg of thousand stone bridge

I really want to record this mountain city, but I immersed myself in the bustling city of literature and art, and forgot the record.

The dream of traveling around the world has entered a new era.

Fu no aka is in 09/09/2019 8:04:44 PM.

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Vagrant Https:// Https:// Sat, 24 Aug 2019 19:59:00 +0800 Funo aka Vagrant

Vagrant is a Ruby based tool for creating and deploying virtualized development environments. It uses Oracle's open source VirtualBox virtualization system and uses Chef to create an automated virtual environment. We can use it to do the following things:

  • Building and deleting virtual machines
  • Configure virtual machine running parameters
  • Manage the running state of virtual machine
  • Automatic configuration and installation of development environment
  • Packaging and distributing virtual machine running environment

The operation of Vagrant relies on a specific virtualization technology. The most common ones are VirtualBox and VMWare two. In the early days, Vagrant only supported VirtualBox, and later joined VMWare's support.

It has the advantages of cross platform, mobile and automated deployment without manual participation.

Reference material

Official website: Https://

GitHub: Https://

Download the official website. Https://

Vagrant Doc: Https://

Installation of Vagrant Windows

1. install VirtualBox

Download the official website. Https://

Mirror image:


2. install Vagrant

Download the official website. Https://

3. download mirroring

Official website: Https://

Mirror image: Http://

Centos domestic mirror image: Http://
Ubuntu domestic mirror image: Https://

4.vagrant packaging box

Install VBoxAddition: host running

 Vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest

(vagrant-vbguest will install VBoxAddtion automatically).

Execute on host computer:

 Vagrant package --base ubuntu_ One thousand six hundred and four

Ubuntu_ The 1604 is the name of the virtual machine created.


Run on Host

 Vagrant package --base <VBoxName> --output <saveFileName>

You can pack the corresponding virtual machine <VBoxName> in vBox into <saveFileName>.

If it is reported in the packaging process

 Error: cannot load such file -- vagrant-share/helper/api

Such a mistake, try to run.

 Vagrant plugin install vagrant-share --plugin-version 1.1.8

Then try again.

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Two Https:// Https://
Those open source mirror stations. Https:// Https:// Wed, 08 May 2019 14:01:00 +0800 Funo aka

University Campus

Tsinghua University: Https://

China University of science and technology: Http://

Chongqing University: Http://

Huazhong University of science and technology: Http://

Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Http://

Dalian Neusoft Information Institute: Http://

Business enterprise

Ali Yun: Http://

NetEase: Http://

Sohu: Http://

Tencent: Https://

HUAWEI: Https://

Software source


Docker Hub



Official mirror image A kind of

Mirror station building reference A kind of

- continuous updating.

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Zabbix| installation, deployment, cluster Https:// Https:// Tue, 16 Apr 2019 09:20:00 +0800 Funo aka Experimental environment:

System: CnetOS 72 core 4G

Platform: Vagrant+LNMP


 Server:, install configuration LNMP and zabbix-server service server:, install zabbix-agent, monitor server


1. turn off the firewall and turn on the boot.

 Systemctl stop firewalld.service
# systemctl disable firewalld.service

2. close the SELinux security mechanism.

(1) temporary closure

 Setenforce 0

(2) permanent closure

 VIM /etc/selinux/config
 set SELINUX=enforcing to SELINUX=disabled

3. install LNMP environment

 WGet -cO lnmp1.6.tar.gz & Tar zxf lnmp1.6.tar.gz & CD lnmp1.6 & LNMP_ Auto= "Y" DBSelect= "3" DB_ Root_ Password= "vagrant" InstallInnodb= "Y" PHPSelect= "5" SelectMalloc= "1"./ LNMP

On the official website of LNMP, it was generated by unattended tools.

 MySQL5.6 PHP5.6 database root password: vagrant

4. install ZABBIX Server

(1) install the repository configuration package.

 RPM -Uvh 64/zabbix-release-4.0-2.el7.noarch.rpm

(2) install Zabbix server, Web front-end, agent

 Yum -y install zabbix-server-mysql zabbix-web-mysql zabbix-agent

(3) create an initial database.

 MySQL -uroot -p
password -p
password login database password vagrant
mysql> create database ZABBIX character set utf8 collate collate Bin; 
mysql> grant all privileges on zabbix.* to zabbix@localhost identified by identified;

(4) importing the initial schema and data, the system will prompt you to enter the newly created password.

 Zcat /usr/share/doc/zabbix-server-mysql*/create.sql.gz MySQL -uzabbix -p ZABBIX

In the current directory, the following instructions are used to import data. The time may be longer. Please wait patiently.

(5) configuring database for Zabbix server

 1. enter the document 

vim /etc/zabbix/zabbix_ Server.conf

2. edit files, modify the following 

DBHost= / / database host 
DBName=zabbix / / database name 
DBUser=zabbix / / login database user name 
DBPassword=vagrant / / login database password 

(6) configure the PHP configuration of the ZABBIX front-end to modify the time zone.

 1. enter the file 

vim /etc/httpd/conf.d/zabbix.conf

2. to modify the time zone 

php_ Value date.timezone Asia/Shanghai

(7) start zabbix-server services and httpd services.

 Systemctl start zabbix-server zabbix-server startup zabbix-server service 
systemctl status zabbix-server zabbix-server to view zabbix-server service status 
systemctl enable zabbix-server enable, set up boot service, enable, and start up server server.

(8) web installation of ZABBIX

 Reference address: Frontend

Install zabbix-agent service in another server

(9) install zabbix-agent

 RPM -ivh 64/zabbix-agent-4.0.9-3.el7.x86_ 64.rpm

yum install zabbix-agent

(10) configure zabbix-agent services

 1. enter the document 

vim /etc/zabbix/zabbix_ Agentd.conf

2. modifies the following 

Server= //zabbix server host 
ServerActive= //zabbix agent host 
Hostname= //zabbix agent host name

(11) start zabbix-agent services.

 Systemctl start zabbix-agent / / start service 
systemctl status zabbix-agent / / view state

(12) add the configured zabbix-agent to the host in the ZABBIX web page.

 Configure > host > > create host: fill in host
> >
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Wu Da You Hua. Https:// Https:// Mon, 18 Mar 2019 23:50:00 +0800 Funo aka

Wu Da You Hua.


I: Sakura, can you bloom?

Sakura: you can come.

In full bloom, dancing, Sakura opened, I also came.

In the year of December


When I see you in Wuhan University, you are filled with joy.

When you see me in Wuhan University, I feel very excited.


I: loft palace palace, shame is you.

Sakura: in full bloom, just waiting for you.


Sakura: you will come next year. I will wait for you.

Me: in my lifetime!

When I was young, I dreamed of coming. Now, if I wish, I will.

Fu no card, with the dream of traveling around the world.

Efforts, such as cherry blossoms, are in full bloom.

Yearning for freedom

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If the temperament is hidden in the heart, time will never fail. Https:// Https:// Wed, 13 Mar 2019 21:42:00 +0800 Funo aka I met.

If the temperament is hidden in the heart, time will never fail.

When I met for the first time, the words appeared in my mind.


At the beginning of 19, I went out to work and interviewed a state-owned enterprise. I was lucky to pass it. I was very happy. I didn't even think that I met an elder sister. She interpreted the words "if there is a temperament in mind and time is from unbeaten beauty". We worked together in a class, and our sister was a teacher in our class. After a few days, we got along very well.

I don't know where the elder sister is.

I only know that my elder sister's temperament is heart and time is unbeaten.

I also know that from time to time, there are many beautiful women in the past, such as Wu Zetian.

The branches are luxuriant and gentle. The mountains and forests are companionship, and the laurel is adjacent. The waves are turbulent, and the trees are clear.

Zhuang Jiang, Mrs.

The hands are soft and tender. The collar is white, and the tooth is like a rhinoceros. The first is the head, the other is the smiling face.

For example, the international Mousika goddess Audrey Hepburn.

The angel who is lost in the dust has a temperament that does not belong to the world.

Like that ~ ~

Oh ~

Oh, I see.

I met!

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I say seven emotions and six desires. Https:// Https:// Wed, 06 Mar 2019 21:38:00 +0800 Funo aka Origin:

Today, when I was painting a cartoon, I suddenly heard the word "seven emotions and six desires", and then I thought about it.

What are seven emotions and six desires?

First we know what seven emotions are. What is six desires?

Seven emotions: joy, anger, worry, thinking, sadness, fear and surprise.

Six desires: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and meaning

Baidu encyclopedia explains this:

Seven emotions and six desires are psychological reactions. Generally speaking,

Seven emotions refer to joy, anger, worry, thinking, sadness, fear, surprise, emotional expression or mental activity.

Six desires refer to the physiological needs or desires of people's eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and meaning.

There are different descriptions of seven emotions and six desires.


The book of Rites: "seven emotions": anger, anger, grief, fear, love and evil desire. Six desires: life, death, ears, eyes, mouth and nose.

Suddenly, I came to think of it. Is it possible for the world to escape the seven emotions and six desires?

When we think of it, we naturally think of Buddhism.

In the "legal sentence analogy", the Buddha spoke a phrase:

Possession of six turtles, like a city, Hui and demon war, victory is no trouble.

There is such an allusion in Tibetan Buddhism when it comes to Tibet.

It is said that there is a monk who sits alone in the woods to practice, hoping to be positive in the industry.

However, the desire of the beetle is very floating, always fluctuating with the state of color, sound, fragrance, taste, touch, etc., such as the quality of the food he gets every day or the change of the weather will affect his mood. Sometimes he is happy and sometimes sad, and there is no way to settle down.

This monk has been practicing for twelve years like this, and he has never been able to get his way. He began to want to say, "why do I still work as a mortal for so many years?" One day, the Buddha sensed that the reason for this Beatrice was ripe and changed into a sand gate to come to the woods where he lived and to practice with him.

One day, they saw a turtle walking up the river from the river. When a hungry fox came to look for food, the fox saw the turtle bite, and the turtle went to the turtle shell in order to protect his life. The fox worked hard for a long time and still had no way to eat the tortoise. Far away, he stretched out his head and tail and climbed back into the river leisurely.

The Buddha then said to the monk, "you see, the world is no match for the tortoise. When the tortoise is in danger, he knows that he must take his head and tail. But most people in the world do not know that impermanence is peering around, ready to take their lives, but still indulge in their own six, constantly pursuing the five desires and six dust, creating all kinds of evil industries, and making them worry about demons, demons and so on. Therefore, they continue to follow the karma and turn around in the six way. Ten thousand kinds of misery, but one day without end. "

The Buddha then said this phrase to advise the monk, "to hide the six turtles, to defend the city, to be wise and to fight, and to win." After hearing this phrase, which was presented by the world, he found out that he had broken away from the desire for the five desires of the world and devoted himself to his studies.

I have always wondered whether I always think of that much, whether it is related to my character, or whether I am sentimental.

For a long time, I understood a truth:

If the heart is dust, it will settle itself.

Seven emotions, six desires, life, into the red dust is bitter. Who can not suffer? Heart is like a grain of dust, floating all the time, looking for it all the time. Floating, because it has not yet reached the end of the desire; search, because you want to find the end result of the ideal. But desire is more than a mountain. How can life be fulfilled? Despise the disputes of the world and despise the reincarnation of gain and loss.

Oh, the feeling of pain is coming up again.

Take it!!!

I said, the rest of my life, the mood is supreme, the future is very long, what is it afraid of?

Fu no card, always want to be optimistic about life. Hey ha!

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NASA published the book entitled "Earth (earth)". Https:// Https:// Wed, 06 Mar 2019 15:59:00 +0800 Funo aka NASA published the book entitled "Earth (earth)".

When you want to see the beauty of the earth from the visual sense, NASA may give you a good way.

This book (or atlas) contains a large number of earth images taken by the NASA satellite. The hardcover version is priced at US $53 (about 356 yuan) and outside the United States is US $74.20 (about 498 yuan).

Is the price somewhat expensive? First, don't worry. NASA has released an electronic version of the book in various formats on the official website. Users can download it free of charge.

This book contains four parts: atmosphere, water, land and ice and snow. Each picture in the book is accompanied by a short description and a link to read the whole content is clicked.

Michael Carlowicz, NASA Earth Observatory, wrote in the preface of the book:

We can observe all the dynamics and details of the earth from orbit, and sometimes it is worth taking a step back, just to appreciate the earth.

Original text: Https://

Electronic address of Earth (NASA official): Mobi format download (Amazon Kindle) A kind of
Epub format Download A kind of
PDF format Download A kind of
HTML web page reading A kind of
Collection Download

Funo aka

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