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I say seven emotions and six desires.

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Origin: today, when I brush a cartoon, I suddenly hear the word "seven emotions and six desires". Then I think about what is seven emotions and six desires. First we know what seven emotions are. What is six desires? Seven emotions: joy, anger, worry, thinking, sadness, fear, fear of six desires: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and meaning Baidu encyclopedia explains: seven emotions and six desires are psychological.

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MIX3 new year Guardian theme wallpaper

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MIX3 New Year Animal Guardian theme wallpaper warm New Year's animal Guardian wallpaper comes out. ~ ~ millet mobile phone official recently shared the millet MIX3 special new year's special animal wallpaper, meaning 2019 is like god beast blessing, enjoy good luck all year round. The 6 animals are Xi Zh, Shirasawa (b I Z *), and...

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A little bit on 2018/12/6 14:20:55

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A little thought is that 2018/12/6 14:20:55 is a Green Lantern without a visitor. But because of the fact that the wine and dust remain in the memory, things are turned into a ripple in the heart because of someone, things and things. Man is a very strange animal, saying that this has become a memory, but forever.

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I want to be your next minister.

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I want to be your second love to write a love letter for you. It's not too much for you. It's only two of you. It's just like I think I stand on the Bank of the river and have been separated by years. I miss you and say goodbye to the north and south.