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Technical grid

Technical grid

99 secret search engines you don't know about.

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Extracurricular activities: search blogs, games and forum articles FindSounds: webpage designers and dragging students can find various audio files with different formats, source numbers and resolutions through this website. Nicado: this free search engine can help you query your friends who have not been contacted for a long time.

Technical grid

JavaWeb server deployment (Windows version)

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The JavaWeb server deployment (Windows version) has the following general steps: 1. install and configure Tomcat JDK mysql2. to be packaged into.War format file and uploaded to the server and placed in webapps directory of Tomcat. Restart. 3. database dump and upload to service.

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Bing Ying Daily Photo API

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Bing Ying Daily Photo API today when choosing the background for the website, it suddenly occurred to him that the pictures of Bing should be changed every day, which could be used as background. After Baidu and research, it is found that there must be two sources: http://cn.bing.com/HPImageArchive.aspx? Format=j...