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Yearning for freedom and hard life

Wu Da You Hua.

Wu Da You Hua.


I: Sakura, can you bloom?

Sakura: you can come.

In full bloom, dancing, Sakura opened, I also came.

In the year of December


When I see you in Wuhan University, you are filled with joy.

When you see me in Wuhan University, I feel very excited.


I: loft palace palace, shame is you.

Sakura: in full bloom, just waiting for you.


Sakura: you will come next year. I will wait for you.

Me: in my lifetime!

When I was young, I dreamed of coming. Now, if I wish, I will.

Fu no card, with the dream of traveling around the world.

Efforts, such as cherry blossoms, are in full bloom.

Yearning for freedom

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