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If the temperament is hidden in the heart, time will never fail.

I met.

If the temperament is hidden in the heart, time will never fail.

When I met for the first time, the words appeared in my mind.


At the beginning of 19, I went out to work and interviewed a state-owned enterprise. I was lucky to pass it. I was very happy. I didn't even think that I met an elder sister. She interpreted the words "if there is a temperament in mind and time is from unbeaten beauty". We worked together in a class, and our sister was a teacher in our class. After a few days, we got along very well.

I don't know where the elder sister is.

I only know that my elder sister's temperament is heart and time is unbeaten.

I also know that from time to time, there are many beautiful women in the past, such as Wu Zetian.

The branches are luxuriant and gentle. The mountains and forests are companionship, and the laurel is adjacent. The waves are turbulent, and the trees are clear.

Zhuang Jiang, Mrs.

The hands are soft and tender. The collar is white, and the tooth is like a rhinoceros. The first is the head, the other is the smiling face.

For example, the international Mousika goddess Audrey Hepburn.

The angel who is lost in the dust has a temperament that does not belong to the world.

Like that ~ ~

Oh ~

Oh, I see.

I met!

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