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I said - seven passions and six desires


I heard this cartoon, and then I thought about it

What are seven passions and six desires?

What is seven emotions? What are six desires?

Fear, fear, fear and joy

Six desires: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind

Baidu Encyclopedia explains this:

Seven emotions and six desires are a psychological reaction. In general,

Seven emotions refer to the expression or psychological activities of joy, anger, worry, thinking, sadness, fear and surprise;

Six desires refer to the physiological needs or desires of human eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind.

Different students have different descriptions of the content of seven emotions and six desires.

It can be seen in:

Li Yun in the book of Rites: "seven emotions: joy, anger, sorrow, fear of love and evil desire. Six desires: life and death, ears, eyes, mouth and nose. "

Suddenly thought of a point, whether the world can not escape this seven emotions and six desires?

When I think of it, I naturally think of Buddhism.

In the parable Sutra, the Buddha said a verse:

If there is no danger, there will be no danger.

There is an allusion to Tibetan Liuru tortoise in the Buddhist world

It means that there is a bhikkhu who is alone in the woods, meditating and practicing, hoping to be able to demonstrate his Taoism.

However, the desire of this bhikkhu is very floating, and always fluctuates with the state of color, sound, fragrance, taste, touch, etc. for example, the quality of the food he gets every day as well as the change of the weather will affect his mood. Sometimes he is happy, sometimes he is worried, and he has no way to settle down.

In my heart, the monk has been practicing for twelve years, but he still has no way to do it One day, the Buddha sensed that the karma of bhikudududo was mature, so he changed into a Salmonella and came to the forest where the bhikudo lived to practice with him.

One day, they saw a turtle climbing up the bank from the river. At this time, a hungry fox was looking for food. The fox bit the tortoise when he saw the tortoise open his mouth. In order to save his life, the tortoise immediately put his head, tail and limbs into the shell. The fox tried hard for half a day, but he could not eat the tortoise, so he left bitterly. The tortoise waited until the fox left Far away, he stretched out his head, tail and limbs and climbed back to the river leisurely.

The Buddha then said to bhikkhu, "you can't compare with this tortoise! When the tortoise is in danger, he also knows to close his head, tail and limbs. However, most people in the world do not know that impermanent ghosts are watching around and ready to take their own lives. However, they continue to indulge their six roots, pursue the external five desires and six dust, and create all kinds of evil karma, so that the vexed demons and the death demons can take advantage of them. Therefore, with the traction of the karma, they rotate in the six paths and suffer endlessly All kinds of suffering, but no rest day. "

The Buddha then said this verse to advise bhikkhu to "hide the six as turtles, to be defensive as a city, to fight with the devil, and to win, there is no danger." After hearing this verse, the bhikkhu suddenly opened his mind. He broke away from his desire for the five desires of the world, and devoted himself to practice. Therefore, he soon proved to be an arhat.

I have always thought, whether I always think so much, whether it is related to my character, whether I am sentimental!

For a long time, I learned a truth:

If the heart is dust, it will settle down.

Seven emotions and six desires, life, into the world is bitter. Who can not be bitter? When you are not looking for a grain of dust, you will find it. Wandering, because we have not yet reached the destination in the will; searching, because we want to find the ideal destination. However, more than desire, a mountain is higher than a mountain, how can life be like it? When we look down on the disputes in the world and the samsara of gain and loss, we should be at ease.

Oh, I feel bad again,,,,

Stop it!!!

Said, the rest of life, mood first, the future is very long, afraid of what?!

Forrest aka, always want to live an optimistic life. Hey ha!

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