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I say seven emotions and six desires.


Today, when I was painting a cartoon, I suddenly heard the word "seven emotions and six desires", and then I thought about it.

What are seven emotions and six desires?

First we know what seven emotions are. What is six desires?

Seven emotions: joy, anger, worry, thinking, sadness, fear and surprise.

Six desires: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and meaning

Baidu encyclopedia explains this:

Seven emotions and six desires are psychological reactions. In general,

Seven emotions refer to joy, anger, worry, thinking, sadness, fear, surprise, emotional expression or mental activity.

Six desires refer to the physiological needs or desires of people's eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and meaning.

There are different descriptions of seven emotions and six desires.


The book of Rites: "seven emotions": anger, anger, grief, fear, love and evil desire. Six desires: life, death, ears, eyes, mouth and nose.

Suddenly, I came to think of it. Is it possible for the world to escape the seven emotions and six desires?

When we think of it, we naturally think of Buddhism.

In the "legal sentence analogy", the Buddha spoke a phrase:

Possession of six turtles, like a city, Hui and demon war, victory is no trouble.

There is such an allusion in Tibetan Buddhism when it comes to Tibet.

It is said that there is a monk who sits alone in the woods to practice, hoping to be positive in the industry.

However, the desire of the beetle is very floating, always fluctuating with the state of color, sound, fragrance, taste, touch, etc., such as the quality of the food he gets every day or the change of the weather will affect his mood. Sometimes he is happy and sometimes sad, and there is no way to settle down.

This monk has been practicing for twelve years like this, and he has never been able to get his way. He began to want to say, "why do I still work as a mortal for so many years?" One day, the Buddha sensed that the reason for this Beatrice was ripe and changed into a sand gate to come to the woods where he lived and to practice with him.

One day, they saw a turtle walking up the river from the river. When a hungry fox came to look for food, the fox saw the turtle bite, and the turtle went to the turtle's shell to protect its life. The fox worked hard for a long time and still had no way to eat the tortoise, so he had to go away in anger. The turtle waited until the fox went away, and stretched out its head and tail, and crawled back into the river.

The Buddha then said to the monk, "you see, the world is no match for the tortoise. When the tortoise is in danger, he knows that he must take his head and tail. But most of the worldly people do not know that impermanence is peering around, ready to take their lives, but still indulges in six of their own, pursuing five external desires and six kinds of evil, creating all kinds of evil industries, and making them worry about demons, demons, and so on. Therefore, we continue to follow the karmic traction, and turn around in the six way, endlessly endowing millions of sufferings without ceasing.

The Buddha then said this phrase to advise the monk, "to hide the six turtles, to defend the city, to be wise and to fight, and to win." After hearing this phrase, which was presented by the world, he found out that he had broken away from the desire for the five desires of the world and devoted himself to his studies.

I have always wondered whether I always think of that much, whether it is related to my character, or whether I am sentimental.

For a long time, I understood a truth:

If the heart is dust, it will settle itself.

Seven emotions, six desires, life, into the red dust is bitter. Who can not suffer? Heart is like a grain of dust, floating all the time, looking for it all the time. Floating, because it has not yet reached the end of the desire; search, because you want to find the end result of the ideal. But desire is more than a mountain. How can life be fulfilled? Despise the disputes of the world and despise the reincarnation of gain and loss.

Oh, the feeling of pain is coming up again.

Take it!!!

I said, the rest of my life, the mood is supreme, the future is very long, what is it afraid of?

Fu no card, always want to be optimistic about life. Hey ha!

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