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NASA published a book called Earth

NASA published a book called Earth

When you want to see how beautiful the earth is visually, NASA may give you a good way.

A large number of pictures of the earth in the U.S. are available for $498, or about $498 for the US satellite album.

Is the price a little expensive? Don't worry. NASA has released electronic versions of the book in various formats on its official website, which users can download for free.

This book contains four parts: atmosphere, water, land and ice and snow. Each picture in the book has a short description and a link to read the full content.

Michael carlowicz of NASA's Earth Observatory wrote in the preface to the book:

We can observe all the dynamics and details of the earth from orbit, and sometimes it's worth taking a step back and just enjoying the earth.

Original text:

Electronic address of Earth (NASA official) Mobi format download (Amazon Kindle)
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