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Microsoft Office 365 new icon official full version download

At the end of November last year, Microsoft OFFICE 365 brought a major icon design upgrade. Based on the long history of OFFICE, a more bold, elegant and friendly hue was used to distinguish each application with color and create personalized effects.

Microsoft uses Gestalt principles to further emphasize the main product changes. Simplicity and harmony are the key visual elements to embody seamless connectivity and intuitive performance of OFFICE office software. Each icon has a uniquely recognizable logo, and there is a thread of connection between the iconic patterns and packages of each application.

The design of Microsoft is to separate the icons and icons from the icons. Basically, it is to create two separate panels (one of which is used for displaying text while the other is for displaying iconic patterns). In this way, the two panels can be separated or integrated into one. Such a design not only preserves the familiarity of the original icons, but also reflects the inherent simplicity of the software.

In addition, when the two panels are separated, the depth of the icon is added to make it look more three-dimensional. Based on this flexible vision system, it not only continues the consistent design style of the original icons, but also achieves certain breakthroughs.

Previously, Microsoft blogs released a new icon of OFFICE 365, which is previewed as follows:

Link: Https://

Download address: Microsoft office new icon

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