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What is page

What is page hot recently? It comes from a special promotion film "what is page" released in the film "piggy page's new year".

Li Yubao, a left behind old man living in the mountains, asks all over the village what page is in order to prepare new year gifts for his precious grandson in the city. It is heartbreaking and touching.

In the propaganda film, Li Yubao's gift for his baby grandson is to weld a pink page with a blower, which can be said to be very hard core.

It home netizen WP has been growing. Today, he has contributed to it circle and shared several pieces of Paige Wallpapers created by 3D modeling. The structure is obvious and the mechanical wind is outstanding.

"Piggy page", also known as "pink pig" or "peppa pig" in English, is a British preschool TV cartoon and the most potential preschool brand in the past years. Little pink pig page lives happily with his younger brother George, father and mother. The story revolves around the happy experience of the piggy page's family. It is humorous and interesting. It promotes the traditional family concept and friendship and encourages children to experience life.


Link to the original text: What is page! Home made fan hard core page wallpaper

Download address: Netizens self-made blower hard core page wallpaper

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