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"Clouds at this moment, you in your twenties"

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It's time for a year from November 6, 2018 to November 6, 2019. From university to society, there is no restriction of school. I think the society is very good. I didn't expect to leave heaven! The future of the world is very good, and so am I. This is a word I said to myself on the train to Wuhan on November 6th last year

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Adobe Premiere Pro Mme device internal error resolution

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Adobe Premiere Pro Mme device internal error solution background: a video clip when opening the PR software, the MME device internal error problem, originally did not want to manage it directly skip, did not expect to clip the material video has not been heard, so do it and record. Inside the MME device


[travel · Chongqing] mountain city literature and art

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This mountain city, how could you want to come to Chongqing after a long time of saying a word. Finally, I found a time to visit this literary and artistic mountain city, and had a deal with food. Good, good! /In the afternoon, please get off at Chongqing north railway station if you want to go to the South Square of Chongqing north railway station

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Vagrant vagrant is a ruby based tool for creating and deploying virtualized development environments. It uses Oracle's open source VirtualBox virtualization system and chef to create an automated virtual environment. We can use it to do the following things: create and delete

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Famous cherry

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I: Sakura, can you bloom? Sakura: you'll come. You're in full swing. You're dancing. The cherry is blooming. I'm here. I'm here on the Jiayin day of Dingmao. You're very happy. I'm so excited when you meet me at Wuda

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If there is temperament hidden in the heart, years never defeat beauty / I met

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I met if there is temperament hidden in the heart, years from invincible beauty met for the first time, the words in my mind immediately flashed out. Why: in the early 19 years, I came out to work and interviewed a state-owned enterprise. I was very happy to pass the interview. What's more, I met a sister who explained the phrase "if there is temperament hidden in my heart, years will never defeat beauty"

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I said - seven passions and six desires

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Origin: Today brush a certain cartoon drama, suddenly heard the word "seven passions and six desires", then drifted outside to think about what is seven emotions and six desires? What are seven emotions first? What are six desires? Seven emotions: joy, anger, worry, thinking, sadness, fear, surprise six desires: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, meaning Baidu Encyclopedia is like this: seven emotions and six desires is a psychological