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[Tencent cloud] cloud products limited time kill, explosion 1 core 2G cloud server, the first year 99 yuan


Self tools, to force the Zend decryption software

It was shared by a friend before, and it took a long time in a flash. Although this software can not do one hundred percent of the correct decryption, but the accuracy rate is quite high, many times the decryption is correct, I debugged some Zend encryption source code, this tool helped me a lot. Now share it and help those who need to decrypt.

VPS the complete story

A forum today is very interesting to talk about many VPS circles' slang, but the sticker is not very familiar with some concepts, so I also write an article about some of the slang that is often said in this circle. It is suitable for new people to play VPS. If I also say something inaccurate, please refer to mjj.Oneman:. It means that only one person operates IDC service providers. The industry is quite famous for having ramnode, but this one is strictly not oneman, but it is 23333. And the bugetvz that insults Chinese customers all the year round is a oneman store opened by Australian village gun. Two. The poisonous woman, Du Fu, refers to the independent server, the abbreviation is the sole service, because the input method often becomes the poisonous woman or Du Fu.

PHP gets current server information

Open the old Nginx protection hidden in Pagoda

Open the software store - installed, find the Nginx point settings, open the configuration changes, and find the #include of the 17 row. Luawaf.conf Destroy include by annotation. Luawaf.conf ; Then save it and open the directory /www/server/nginx/waf to find it. Config.lua The editor will set the CCdeny of the 12 line to on , that is, open the CC protection, some of them can be opened according to need, off close /on and open attacklog&.

[network attack and Defense] use Kali easy DNS hijacking, the easiest way.

[basic knowledge] computer storage unit

Charge? Non-existent! Ali cloud reverse proxy OSS internal network way to avoid outflow charges

Charge? Non-existent! Ali cloud reverse proxy OSS internal network way to avoid outflow charges

CMCC series - cracking campus network WiFi

Hard disk logic lock solution additional source code analysis

This article introduces bloggers for a long time, or intends to release this tutorial, hoping to help some people who are not good intentions. At the same time, we hope that users who have watched this article at this station do not download software to compile other users to experiment or cheat, otherwise all consequences will be borne by themselves! Coming into the Internet is more popular with the tricky logic program of hard disk logic lock. After this trojan horse, it will lead to inability to boot. PE will not recognize the partition and diskgenius will display the idle partition. After MBR is restored, the partition still displays idle, unable to boot and unable to read data. Let's look at a case, a netizen's experience: the following is a repair method: prepare tool PE: Https:// W

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