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  •  DDCTF2019writeup


    Match questions Web drops ~ 100 Jpg=TmpZMlF6WXhOamN5UlRaQk56QTJOdz09 TmpZMlF6WXh...
  •  OceanBase subquery

    OceanBase subquery

    In data, sub queries can be divided into dependent subqueries and non dependent subqueries. A dependent subquery is that the execution of the subquery depends on the 'variable' of the external query, so this seed query is usually counted many times. A subquery without dependency is that the execution of the sub query does not depend on the 'variable' of the external query.
  •  Oceanbase distributed polymerization under pressure

    Oceanbase distributed polymerization under pressure

    The aggregation operators in database, such as sum, AVG, group by, sort and so on, will consume a large amount of CPU and IO resources for computing and reading and writing. By parallel execution, the corresponding operators will be pressed down to each computing node, making full use of the computing resources of clusters and improving the execution efficiency. Generally speaking, the aggregate calculation is...
  •  General syntax summarization

    General syntax summarization

    Constant INT_VALUE: matches integer type constants, such as 123. DECIMAL_VALUE: matches fixed-point type constants, such as 123.456. STR_VALUE: matches string constants, such as ABC. NULL: matches the NULL constant. STORAGE_SIZE: matching storage.
  •  Lucky May

    Lucky May

    Blog blog collection and IP all have four digits soar five digits, and other websites have been turned over and won some provincial level national awards, micro-blog and big guys, each other's powder dog food [successbox] summarizes the reasons: Wang Fu [/succ...